Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Eve DicksonEve Dickson
Siobhan is the best driving instructor I could have ever asked for. On every drive she made me feel at ease and helped me so much with my confidence on the road. She completely understood me, when I was feeling anxious and needing a challenge. She organised lessons in the best way which challenged and excited me. She was always patient and we had a great laugh every lesson. I’m actually sad they’re over. She has helped and enabled me to achieve something I though was too far from my reach and I would and will recommend her to any new learner driver. Leading up to the test, she was a constant source of encouragement and support. She taught everything to me in the best possible way for me and because of her I got my licence with 1 minor! She is the best.

Ayesha AhmedAyesha Ahmed
Siobhan has been the best driving instructor I have had. From the initial assessment to my test Siobhan was patient and professional, producing a lesson plan extensively covering everything and the test routes which give me confidence during my lessons and test. She took my input during every lesson of what I did not feel confident in or things I wanted to go over and integrated them into the lessons while still covering the rest of the driving content. Siobhan covered everything really well and it did not feel rushed or an overwhelming amount of content. Overall, I am very happy with my driving course with Siobhan and would highly recommend for anyone wanting to pass within Portsmouth.

Solomon WhelanSolomon Whelan
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan was very helpful and calm in the car. She very much let me take the lead in the lessons on what I wanted to do, practise to improve skills or try something new. For example, if I wanted to give forward parking a go without help, Siobhan would let me ‘have a go’ but would help if I needed it or if I asked asked for advise. Siobhan’s way of explaining was good and clear as well as the use of the LDC workbook. Siobhan was very kind and made a great safe space, so I felt calm and so it was a productive, enjoyable lesson.

Amelia DicksonAmelia Dickson
Siobhan and the LDC resources are amazing
Siobhan is an amazing driving instructor. The reason being she is easy to talk to and very patient when you’re learning to drive, which made me more relaxed and enabled me to learn quicker. Siobhan will make sure to talk through and show you the best techniques and if you feel like you don’t understand something and she will always make sure to tell you about ways that will help, such as the LDC videos or you can refer to the workbook you kindly get given before your first ever lesson. I found these resources amazing ways to learn when I was struggling to understand things.

Rimini CarterRimini Carter
Siobhan is a brilliant instructor; she makes you feel at ease and is extremely patient always. I would recommend Siobhan to anyone, but especially if you are a nervous person or apprehensive about learning to drive.

Chloe HammondChloe Hammond
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan has been the most encouraging and supportive instructor I could have asked for. She was always kind and polite, making the lessons really enjoyable; I will miss our lessons together. She found a way to tailor the lessons to me and the way I learnt to ensure I got the most out of them. If I had any questions, she would answer them perfectly, making sure I understood everything. The LDC driving skills workbook was a very useful tool, especially when it came to the actual test. I am thankful for what Siobhan has taught me and would recommend her to anyone; it’s been a great experience.

Bradley WhitemanBradley Whiteman
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan was an excellent instructor who helped progress my driving ability to excel rapidly, leading me to pass first time. She spoke everything through, clearly and simply, so I was always fully understanding of what I was going to do. Always on time and a lovely person to have been instructed by. I used the LDC workbook before my test which was most helpful because it broke down every aspect of the test. I did not use LDC for my theory practise as some-one gave me access to another app.

Nathan Hardy
I passed after only 6 months with 3 minor faults. Siobhan is a great teacher and is kind and friendly. She always explained things clearly and patiently helped me learn to drive from scratch. She has helped become a confident driver and I have enjoyed the experience very much. Thank you Siobhan.

Katrina CrouchKatrina Crouch
I put off driving lessons for ages because the thought of driving made me too nervous, but taking lessons with Siobhan really put me at ease. She’s an amazing instructor who really took it at my pace and helped me become a more confident driver. She was always supportive and made sure every lesson was tailored to my needs and the areas I needed the most practise in. I’ll miss our weekly catch-ups in the car but I’m so thankful to Siobhan for helping me learn to drive and pass my test. I couldn’t recommend her enough!!

Jess ColeJess Cole
Passed 1st Time
When I started driving, I hated it as I found it so hard. Siobhan took things slowly, at my pace, encouraged me which slowly made me enjoy driving. I’m so grateful to Siobhan who supported me throughout and helped me pass first time. Thank you Siobhan.

Evie KodomEvie Kodom
Thank you!
Learning with Siobhan has been the easiest and most helpful way in order for me to learn how to drive. Starting off with the first lesson, I was given a workbook which gave me everything I needed to know in order of driving. She helped me in order with learning my theory and what I should do to help prepare for it. After a couple of attempts of my theory, because I didn’t give myself enough time, I finally passed and my practical driving was good enough for me to book a driving test. I ended up having to wait 7 months after passing my theory for a practical, but all the motivation from Siobhan, the whole way through, kept me going and helped time fly by. She knew how bad my anxiety was and on the day of the test and having her in the car made it a whole lot calmer and put me at ease and for that, I’m forever grateful. Siobhan was my instructor and the reason I passed.

Brogan JonesBrogan Jones
Passed 1st Time
My instructor Siobhan was greatly helpful at explaining any issues I had and was clear and concise when instructing me. She was perfect at helping me understand a new area, moving from Cardiff, which allowed me to pass first time. I am very happy to say I would recommend anyone of any skill level to Siobhan. Along with the great and informative workbook of LD system and Siobhan’s help, it was the perfect balance between challenging myself and being comfortable of my own abilities. I am very appreciative to have Siobhan’s skills and time to grow me into a confident driver on the road!

Eleanor BrowneEleanor Browne
Passed 1st Time!
My instructor was great! She was very adaptive and accommodating to how I felt about my driving, my strengths and weaknesses and taking large gaps between lessons due to university. She was also super friendly. The LDC system was helpful, especially the workbooks, for consolidating and preparing for lessons (assuming you don’t loose it, like I did!). Overall, a great experience!

Izzy ParrIzzy Parr
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan was very supportive throughout my lessons and helped gain my confidence. She was patient with me and was happy to answer any questions or worries I had. I really enjoyed learning with Siobhan and couldn’t have done it without her help! Thank you again! Hopefully see you on the roads at some point!

Jerome ChamberlainJerome Chamberlain
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan was amazing! She was patient and made everything so clear and easy to understand. Siobhan gave me confidence with her praising and encouragement. She gave me the belief that I could pass. I would recommend her to any new driver.

Shevaun BishopShevaun Bishop
Passed 1st Time
When first meeting Siobhan, she presented me with the LDC Workbook, booked me in for an assessment to determine my driving capabilities and came up with a weekly driving lesson schedule followed by a Pre-test Booster Course before my test. When driving with Siobhan, she put me at complete ease and was always so helpful. She helped me not only build my driving skills but also my confidence. She recommended me to use Google maps when understanding lanes (at roundabouts), which was an amazing help. Siobhan is a fantastic instructor but also a very professional, kind and thoughtful person. She gave me so much confidence and I will miss seeing her now I have passed my test.

Chloe RobertsChloe Roberts
Siobhan was an excellent driving instructor. She as always so patient with me and helped me to feel calm and confident when driving. I found it really helpful that she explained things in various ways to make sure I understood and always giving me feedback. Siobhan always made sure I took something positive away from all lessons and challenged me when she knew I could do it. The LDC workbook was very helpful in providing me with even more support for the driving test and lessons. I would always highly recommend Siobhan!

Oliver GlasgowOliver Glasgow
During my learning experience, Siobhan has been an excellent instructor and made my lessons both productive and fun. She has been a great help throughout with my theory test, booking my practical test and provided me with revision resources and advise, like the LDC workbook and the Theory Test Highway Code book that I used to pass my test. The entire driving experience while learning was good as I never was stressed and all the lessons felt helpful and I liked I was learning something new .

Ellie BatesEllie Bates
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan was an excellent driving instructor. Made me feel at ease and was extremely helpful. With Siobhan I passed first time and feel like a confident and safe driver. I would 100% recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to drive. The LDC resources are also great. The workbook was helpful to debrief after lessons and was also useful for understanding the driving test.

Alice WhittakerAlice Whittaker
Passed 1st Time
I absolutely loved having Siobhan as my driving instructor. I think it’s great how she explained things with such clarity during the drive, not just leaving all the feedback for our chat at the end. This really helped me improve my understanding and build my confidence as my driving progressed. I also think that having a woman as an instructor really suited me because I felt very at ease throughout, and it was really nice to get on with Siobhan as a person. I also appreciated that Siobhan was always very positive and encouraging, we never ended a lesson that made me feel disheartened or worried for the next lesson. I liked that she would give me options about what we would do in our next lesson depending on my confidence. I think this is very good because we would make good progress but I never felt overwhelmed by the new thing I was learning, so I definitely think the pace of lessons was very good.

I started learning with Siobhan throughout the summer, and then I went to uni for 3 months and hadn’t driven at all in that time. But the quality of Siobhan’s teaching was so excellent that when I came back to continue my lessons before my practical test, we just picked up where we left off and it didn’t affect my progress at all. Whilst I was at uni I didn’t even consider getting a new instructor whilst I was there because of how excellent Siobhan’s teaching is.

I found the LDC workbook incredibly helpful at critiquing my driving and evaluating any areas for improvement. It was an essential aid in preparing for my practical test because it breaks down the driving test into sections and explains it all in detail. I didn’t find the LDC theory resources too helpful, purely because I was very nervous for the hazard perception part of the test and I would have preferred more examples to practise with. However, the workbook and website were very helpful.

Sam WilliamsSam Williams
Siobhan is a fantastic instructor. She is patient, reliable, gives clear instruction and genuinely cares about her students. This is the second time my family has had lessons with her.

James JohnsonJames Johnson
Passed 1st Time
What is there to say about this fantastic instructor! I stopped driving for ten years plus so it was daunting thinking about trying to get my test done before the year was out. Little did I know how amazing Siobhan is at taking the best out of me and putting it on the road. As I'm one to always over think things she was able to simplify it and help me learn whichever way I wanted through her guided learning. If I wanted to re do a reverse park, then we can re do a reverse park as many times as possible until I felt comfortable with it regardless of how well Siobhan would say that I've done it. I can't praise her enough in this short exert but you honestly cannot meet a better instructor in the world! Do not miss out, she will help you pass first time, just like me! 

Holly Pyke
I would highly recommend Siobhan she is a fantastic teacher and great communicator. She is very good at explaining everything and has really great knowledge of the Portsmouth test area. I initially learnt with another instructor but failed my test. Siobhan took me on and helped me find my confidence again. I found her teaching style very supportive and she prepared me really well for my next test which I passed. Thanks again and big cuddle for your dog Best wishes.

Finlay DavisFinlay Davis
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan has helped me so much during my lessons. I was dealing with anxiety though out my time learning to drive and she helped me adapt and control my anxiety during my time learning. She was kind, calm and thoughtful with her words and actions and an amazing instructor. The LDC workbooks are very helpful and give a wide range of information on almost anything important to driving with examples of tests and how they work along with theory and the show me/tell me questions, it’s all there and gives plenty of easy to understand knowledge that really supported me.

Lara RobertsLara Roberts
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan was a really great instructor and she allowed me to build my confidence and feel ready to take my test in which I was successful passing first time. Siobhan was also good at helping me to identify what I needed to improve on. During my lessons, I felt at ease as I felt Siobhan was very supportive and reassuring, even when I was feeling super nervous. In general, Siobhan is a lovely person and my lessons were always a positive experience. I would definitely recommend both Siobhan and LDC to people wanting to have a positive experience when learning to drive.

Katie KohleKatie Kohle
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan was so patient with me. She always made me feel comfortable and safe in the car. My driving has progressed so much. She really understood how I liked to be taught and provided me with all the resources I needed. She especially made sure I could have a couple of extra lessons before my test. I never felt like the process was rushed and now I feel so much more confident in my driving. I will always be so grateful I had such a good instructor!

Ben Williams
Passed First Time!
Siobhan teaches to the highest standard and very professional. The lessons were always well prepared and thought out. I felt very well prepared for my test which I passed first time! Thanks Siobhan

Matt KohleMatt Kohle
Passed 1st Time
As a whole I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Siobhan. She made the steps building up to my practical and theory tests very simple and easy to understand. I specifically liked the fact that she taught me to learn from my mistakes, rather than dwell on them, overall making me feel far more calm and safe on the roads. The workbook provided much more input than I could have gotten elsewhere, so I’m very grateful for that. I have no complaints about the process as I enjoyed the whole thing!

Alethea CarpenterAlethea Carpenter
From a complete beginner, not knowing anything about how to drive a car, I passed my test with 5 minors. I would have no hesitation in recommending Siobhan to any of my friends or family members looking for an instructor. I found Siobhan to be patient, friendly and highly professional.

Lucy BaxterLucy Baxter
Passed 1st Time
The first day I met Siobhan she was warm and friendly, she put my mind at ease straight away. She was a brilliant teacher, I always felt safe with her instructing me. I really enjoyed my lessons right from the start, and would recommend her to any of my friends who want to drive. The workbook was very helpful and allowed me to keep track of my progress. Thank you for making my first time pass so easy.

Gabriella RennieGabriella Rennie
Siobhan was absolutely fantastic throughout the entire process of undertaking a Midway Pass Course. After a four year break from learning to drive, I was a little nervous getting back into things, however, Siobhan's patient and clear approach to teaching made a world of difference. I felt as though my concerns were really heard and remedied through thorough explanations and attention to aspects of driving I found challenging. By the end of the week, I felt much more confident and comfortable behind the wheel and passed my test on the final day of the course: this really speaks to Siobhan's skill and encouragement as an instructor. Thank you very much Siobhan and LDC!

Mia Hillyer
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan helped me in a few recap lessons to prepare for my test after I had been practising in my own car for a while. Siobhan was so kind and friendly and I could tell that she genuinely cared about my results for the test. Today I passed first time and wouldn’t have been able to do it without the reassurance and encouragement that Siobhan gave me. Thanks! 🙂

Abi WarringtonAbi Warrington
A well deserved pass!!
Siobhan and LDC have been amazing! I cannot recommend them enough. Siobhan will work with you and never push you further than your abilities and your confidence. I have had other instructors in the past and none can hold a candle to Siobhan and her patience. The LDC resources are invaluable, the youtube channel and the workbook are incredibly helpful, I couldn’t have passed without them. Now I have so much more freedom, it has really opened up my world! Thank you Siobhan and LDC!

Jack FieldJack Field
Passed First Time!
My instructor was very good at teaching me and matching how fast I wanted to learn. She also allowed me to decide what most of my lessons would cover, allowing me to benefit the most out of my lessons, as I could work on the things I was least comfortable with. I found the LDC workbook to be very helpful in determining how good my driving was and how I could improve using the diagrams and demonstrations.

Boaz WhelanBoaz Whelan
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan was amazing. She takes a lot of time and care when teaching. She doesn’t rush you into new scenarios unless you’re comfortable to do it. She is also very accommodating if events occur that weren’t planned*. She won’t let you take your test unless she is happy with your driving as she wants you to pass first time! She is chatty, friendly and cheerful no matter the weather! I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor.

*Boaz got a football injury that meant he couldn’t drive for a number of months, however, we kept in touch and I was happy to resume our lessons once he had been given the ‘OK’ by his physiotherapist. Siobhan

Tara Walton
Passed First Time!
I came to Siobhan as a mature driver (50) having had some previous experience of other driving instructors. From the very first session with Siobhan, I felt more relaxed and more capable than I had with previous instructors. Siobhan has a calm, patient manner and is so supportive. Whilst she was always aware of the days when I was perhaps a little tired or more anxious than usual, which she took into account, she balanced that support perfectly with encouraging me to go that one step further in my learning. I never felt under any pressure when driving with Siobhan and her confidence in my ability was key to building my own self-belief. Siobhan didn’t just teach me to pass my driving test. She taught me the skills I need to drive safely and confidently for life. I am delighted to have passed my test and can’t thank Siobhan enough. I’ll definitely be recommending her to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Tara Walton

Joe WalterJoe Walter
Overall, my experience of learning to drive with Siobhan was excellent. She is a very good teacher and was always incredibly patient. Siobhan always understood and took account of how I was feeling on the day, and adapted our lessons accordingly if needed – which was very important for me personally. I began lessons as a very anxious new driver – now, not only have I passed my test but, just as importantly, I feel confident as a road user and that’s all thanks to Siobhan I can’t imagine having a better driving instructor.

Maddie HeadlandMaddie Headland
Right from the beginning of my learning experience, Siobhan was always extremely helpful and would try her absolute best to assist me with anything she could. The LDC workbook and the theory test resources provided were so amazing and assisted me massively on my journey with Siobhan. Personally, I am a very nervous/anxious person and this is also reflected in my driving. Siobhan was always so supportive when I was struggling and always got me back on track, even when it seemed impossible! I cannot recommend her enough, I wouldn't have been able to pass if it wasn't for all of the amazing support and the resources provided for me. Thank you so so much!

Hannah UgbomaHannah Ugboma
Passed 1st Time
I thought my instructor was extremely helpful and knowledgeable when instructing me with my driving. She was patient and gave lots of useful points and advise. I found the LDC workbook especially useful in the early stages of learning as it allowed me to break down certain situations and go through them step by step.

Olivia LuterOlivia Luter
Great resources were provided, giving week by week progressions. Siobhan really put me at ease, helped with my nerves, gave me confidence and was always calm. Siobhan is very patient and always explained things in detail to ensure I understood. I have very much enjoyed learning with LDC and I would recommend to friends and family. THANK YOU!!!!

Cerys GamlinCerys Gamlin
Passed First Time
Siobhan is an excellent instructor which showed as I passed my test first time with only 4 minors. She was always very supportive and encouraging and I always knew what aspects of my driving I needed to work on as we discussed it each lesson before and afterwards. She planned each lesson around my needs. My lessons were interrupted by Covid and Siobhan kept in touch to ensure I had all the resources I needed, even though I couldn’t drive some of the time. I found the workbook really useful, especially the test section! I would recommend LDC to anyone learning to drive.

Emily ChubbEmily Chubb
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan is a brilliant instructor. She’s very welcoming and friendly, which eases nerves when learning to drive, making it a comfortable environment for you as a learner. She was always willing to take on board anything I wanted to practise more of and made sure to adapt our lessons to what we thought would suit my learning and progress best. The LDC workbook alongside this was also very helpful in terms of preparing in between lessons. She is also very patient and understanding, therefore helping you feel less stressed if you make any small mistakes when driving. Overall, learning to drive with Siobhan was a great experience, where I felt safe and confident with my own driving, all thanks to her! I would definitely recommend her to anyone!

Laura CrouchLaura Crouch
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan is a highly skilled and knowledgeable driving instructor. Her teaching was integral to the development of my driving skills, and I credit her for helping me get a first time pass with only two minors! With help from the LDC System, Siobhan can advise you where to focus your lessons in order to develop your driving naturally and at a good pace. Nonetheless, she never rushes you, and her encouraging and patient nature ensures your confidence is preserved throughout! I will thoroughly miss my weekly lessons with Siobhan and I am very grateful for her excellent service – I will be sending my sister to her next year!

Maisy HobbsMaisy Hobbs
Passed 1st Time
My driving instructor was Siobhan and she was amazing at teaching me not only to drive, but to be safe and confident on the roads. She as clear with any instructions she had and always made sure I was happy with our drives and the things we did on them. The LDC workbook was also really helpful in explaining manoeuvres and the different things I should and shouldn’t do in my test. All together, she was a really good and experienced instructor, which helped me overcome the challenge of driving and contributed to me passing fist time. Thank you Siobhan

Katie BoxallKatie Boxall
Siobhan has been an amazing driving instructor. I was worried to drive at first as most learners are, but Siobhan was such a friendly face to see next to you in the car each lesson. She was calm, encouraging and supportive from my first lesson and helped me gradually grow my confidence. Siobhan was very patient, even when I was slow to pick things up or feeling worried about certain areas, she ensured I left each lesson feeling confident or we revisited these areas until I was completely comfortable. She was great at answering my many, many questions every lesson, this helped ease my anxiety and made me feel more confident about my driving test and driving independently in the future. Each lesson was very well structured, I liked that I could base the lessons on the areas I wanted to focus more on, having such a big input helped me to feel more comfortable in my own driving. Throughout learning to drive, Siobhan has been so supportive and has made learning to drive a lot of fun, I will miss not having her smily face next to me when I’m driving!

Emily BarryEmily Barry
Passed 1st Time
Put simply, if you want the best driving instructor, go with Siobhan. I came from a different instructor where I had a massively negative experience, was always in tears and hated driving in general. A few lessons with Siobhan and I fell in love with driving again. She was so kind, so calm and instilled confidence in my own driving ability. She was always there to reassure me when I needed it, and pushed me to be better and better each lesson. Siobhan completely subsided my anxiety in the car with her knowledge and expertise, but also a calm presence that she brings when driving. I really couldn’t recommend her more, will sing her praises to everyone I meet, and I’m genuinely sad to not be driving around with her!

Amy BeaumontAmy Beaumont
Recently I passed my test with Siobhan and I honestly couldn’t be happier. I really wouldn’t of done this without you. In such a short period of time Siobhan helped me to gain back all the confidence that I had lost previously. She really takes her time to get to know her students. Thankyou for always being so calm and giving the best advice….(especially for the pub recommendations!).

Lucy StandenLucy Standen
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan was extremely patient and understanding in all aspects of driving. She made the learning experience in the car very calm, which gave me confidence in my own driving abilities. Siobhan made me feel extremely comfortable, she was able to answer all my questions and gave detailed explanations which meant I had excellent understanding and awareness of what was expected of a new driver. Siobhan supplied the LDC workbook for me to work through in order to have a greater understanding and knowledge before my lessons. I found the book was very helpful. Siobhan had confidence in my driving ability which made me feel positive about my own capabilities. I would have no hesitation in recommending Siobhan as a driving instructor, she was amazing!

Sarah SullivanSarah Sullivan
I could not have asked for a better instructor. Siobhan was kind, supportive and calming from my first lesson all the way to my last. All her tips and reference points really helped build my confidence for my test. I really liked how Siobhan planned the lessons around what I felt I needed to improve on. I’m really grateful for everything, especially because of lockdown and Siobhan ensured I felt completely ready for my test despite missing so much time. Thank you!

Bella Temple-CassBella Temple-Cass
Passed 1st time
Siobhan was an amazing instructor, she was extremely supportive and informative. With my visual processing dyslexia, I received a teaching style that was suited to my abilities. I gained a lot of confidence through out my lessons, creating an exciting new experience I felt comfortable with. Support from the LDC Workbook was very helpful, especially leading up to my test. Videos helped me learn visually and practice roundabouts. Overall every part of my experience was enjoyable, thank you Siobhan !

Sarah GerrishSarah Gerrish
Passed 1st time
I am so grateful for the support and patience Siobhan showed me whilst learning to drive. Siobhan gave me clear and simple instructions that helped me to remain calm and grow in confidence each week. When we discovered areas that needed improving, Siobhan would plan for the next lesson in advance and decide the best route to help me conquer my weaknesses and worries. As well as information and advice during the lessons, Siobhan also provided a very useful workbook and the knowledge of where I to find more resources if I needed them. With the stop/start scenario due to Covid-19, I would not have been able to pass without her encouragement, positivity, knowledge and overall belief in my driving. Thank you, Siobhan!

Heidi Munday-HallHeidi Munday-Hall
Passed 1st Time
My instructor was very good and I felt confident when driving, and felt well prepared for the test. The lessons were informative and progressive, and they were also well structured. The LDC workbook broke down parts of the driving in a way they would be understood better. The app was also very helpful for my theory.

Chloe ElsonChloe Elson
Passed 1st time
I could not have asked for a better instructor experience! I have loved every lesson with Siobhan and LDC and felt my confidence grow over time. Siobhan was very supportive and immediately put me at ease. She provided detailed instructions and encouragement when I was unsure, something that I really needed at times as I was nervous. The lessons didn't even feel like lessons by the end, we would find ourselves chatting for the hour and half we were together! Siobhan also ensured that everything was Covid secure and I never felt unsafe due to this. The resources provided by LDC were also really helpful and I believe were the reason I managed to pass my theory test. I honestly could not rate my driving experience higher and would recommend Siobhan to everyone - especially as I passed first time! :)

Sophie ColeSophie Cole
Passed 1st time
Siobhan was encouraging throughout my lessons. She helped me overcome my apprehension of learning to drive with her calm nature. I enjoyed my driving lessons and she helped my confidence grow. Thank you Siobhan.

Izzy VinceIzzy Vince
Passed 1st Time
I couldn’t be more grateful for all of Siobhan’s help. She was always patient and kind, and helped me to become so confident in myself. I felt so safe in the car with her and she planned every lesson so that I felt more comfortable. I now love driving thanks to Siobhan. She taught me the best ways to drive, as well as the best ways to calm my nerves in stressful situations. I can’t thank Siobhan enough for all the support she gave me.

Ella FordElla Ford
Passed 1st Time
I couldn’t of done it without all your help, support and patience, it shows what an amazing instructor you are by the fact I got no minors at all! My sister isn’t learning to drive with anyone else but you when it’s her turn! Thank you so so much for everything you’'ve done for me. I will always be so grateful.

Joe HoveyJoe Hovey
Passed 1st Time
From the first meeting, Siobhan made me feel comfortable. She explained everything clearly before we started the lessons. During the lessons, Siobhan was very professional and helpful with improving my driving. At the end of the lesson she gave constructive feedback, which helped to move forward for the next lesson. The LDC Workbook was very helpful. I would highly recommend Siobhan to my friends and my younger brother wants to book up with her for 2 years time!

Callum Millard
Passed First Time!
I found my instructor very kind, calm and taught me in a way that put me at ease, even in the beginning, when I was very nervous. She gave me great support and re-assurance in the lead up to my test and on the day. The workbook was extremely helpful and a good reference. I am very grateful to Siobhan for teaching me and getting me through my test with zero minors!!

Ellie ParrEllie Parr
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan was calm and patient as I gained confidence. Her instructions were clear and every step of my lesson was well explained. Siobhan dealt with my nerves and got me to my test in 20 hours of lessons, for which I am very grateful. The workbook was helpful when preparing for my test for both myself and my parents when I was able to practice.

Willow TurnerWillow Turner
Passed First Time!
My instructor was calm and patient and was always ready to answer any questions I had or anything I was worried about, both in and out of lessons. The workbook provided was very informative, had an easy layout to find the exact area I needed to study and lots of clearly labelled pictures, very helpful for more visual learners such as myself. Overall, I had a very good experience with Siobhan and LDC.

Dillon WorsleyDillon Worsley
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan was amazing. She made me feel at ease when I first started and made me feel confident when moving onto different areas. Her teaching is very clear and helped me learn my own way as she realised I didn’t learn best from the book but having a go and tweaking it from there. She is patient and supportive adding on to reasons why she is an incredible instructor. Not just an incredible instructor but an amazing person who was easy to chat to and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable in the slightest. I didn’t use the book because I have dyslexia, but everything else was great. I’d suggest you make more videos as many were very helpful.

Savannah ColesSavannah Coles
Siobhan has been an amazing and excellent instructor! I am so glad to have learnt with Siobhan for just over a year as well as helping me stay calm and focused whilst in the car. The LDC Theory Test prep really helps when learning and having such good resources to hand when learning to drive has been wonderful. Having Siobhan as my instructor is the best decision I have ever made and I can’t thank Siobhan enough for all she’s done for me! Thank you!!

Jessica NichollsJessica Nicholls
Passed First Time!
Siobhan was very understanding at some of my driving worries, but together we quickly overcame these and I gained a lot of confidence. She was patient and caring and this made me feel at ease and comfortable in the car. The lessons were very fun and well structured and I was never pressured out of my comfort zone which made me feel safe and happy. With Siobhan’s help I was able to pass first time! I could not recommend her enough! Once again, thank you!!

Taylor WilliamsTaylor Williams
I thank Siobhan for everything she has done to help me become more confident in the car! When I was feeling nervous she would never pressure me into anything I wasn't ready for. There is so much I could write about how much of an amazing instructor Siobhan is, but I wouldn't be able to stop! She is amazing!

Grace LaidlawGrace Laidlaw
Siobhan has been the best instructor I could’ve asked for! I really enjoyed my lessons and learnt something new every week. I felt as though I gained confidence each week from Siobhan’s trust and belief in my ability. I would 100% recommend Siobhan to anyone learning to drive as she is a great teacher and loved my lessons! I am really grateful for all her support and wouldn’t have been able to do it without her!

Isabelle VacherIsabelle Vacher
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan was the perfect driving instructor to help me learn to drive safely and successfully; she was very professional and extremely patient as she allowed me to learn at my own pace and created a really positive atmosphere and experience through the learning process. Before I started driving, Siobhan offered me the opportunity to have her come over for a home visit which made me feel a lot more comfortable once we started driving; this was very beneficial for making my learning experience more effective. The YouTube videos which LDC provide all learners with were particularly useful. Lastly, I would like to thank Siobhan for teaching me how to drive and helping to build my confidence and giving me all the tools I needed to pass 1st time with only 1 minor.

Ryan DicksonRyan Dickson
Passed First Time
Learning with Siobhan was amazing. She really boosted my confidence and made driving a lot easier because she was so patient and understanding. Any problem I had, she would make sure we resolved it and helped improved my driving skills. If you want an instructor you will feel comfortable around and really get on with while becoming a better driver, then Siobhan is the one for you! 10/10!!

Amelia Hobbs
My instructor was very patient during the first couple of driving lessons, making sure I understood each step to finding the biting point. Once on the road, she highlighted each point that I could effect my drive to make sure I was able to safely overcome any obstacles that may arise. Siobhan made sure I understood the basics before moving on to anything more challenging. She would allow me to attempt manoeuvres on my own if I wanted to, and then step in with guidance if it was needed. Overall, I believe I was taught above test standard which made me feel confident when taking my test. I felt comfortable in the car and I would highly recommend my instructor.

Rosie LloydRosie Lloyd
Siobhan is very calm and informative. If I was unsure of something, never felt pressured and always felt very safe. My lessons were always prepared and always asked if I wanted to focus on anything in particular. I felt all aspects of driving were covered very well and couldn't have hoped for a better experience, would recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive. The resources available were very useful and helped me in preparation for my test and provided guidance with a general lesson in the beginning to know what to expect. Online videos helped me with understanding and reinforce what I learnt in the lessons. I am very pleased with my experience.

Georgia WhitwhamGeorgia Whitwham
Having never been in the driver's seat before, it was important that I learned to drive with an instructor who would not only teach me to drive, but also teach me to be relaxed and confident behind the wheel. Siobhan was recommended to me by a friend and from our very first lesson I knew that my LDC experience would be a positive one. She was always patient and prepared to tailor and change her lesson plans to suit me. Learning to drive with Siobhan was never stressful; just an enjoyable experience! I will miss our lessons and I am so grateful for the continuous support she gave me. I could not recommend her and the whole LDC system enough! Thank you!!

Kyah WilsonKyah Wilson
Siobhan is an amazing driving instructor and I 100% recommend her and LDC to anyone. Her patience made me feel at ease and she always made sure that I was comfortable. I always looked forwarded to my lessons and couldn't have done it without her. Siobhan was so reassuring leading up to my test which really helped. She made my learning experience an enjoyable and positive one. I'm so thankful for all her help and support. Thank you so much!!

Lisa DalzellLisa Dalzell
Passed 1st Time
5 stars is not enough for Siobhan! I could not have done it without her. Siobhan explains everything in such an easy to follow way that you can easily make sense of what you're about to do. As a new student it's really easy to feel overwhelmed behind the wheel, Siobhan always remains calm and in control and always so helpful. The LD system and LDC Theory Test prep was invaluable. As you learn the theory side of things it marries perfectly with what you're learning in the car. I cannot recommend Siobhan enough! I passed first time with Siobhan and that's because she prepared me so well. May daughter is now learning with Siobhan and my husband is on the waiting list to learn. Siobhan would have taught the whole family! Thank you.

Tom SullivanTom Sullivan
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan has been an excellent instructor and I have found her lessons instructive, easy to follow and enjoyable. Not only did she teach me how to pass my test, she taught me the skills to be a confident, conscientious and competent driver, once I had done so. Being able to proficiently complete every manoeuvre and feel as assured I could, is testament to how comprehensive Siobhan’s teaching is; these were a weak point for many of my peers. When paired with the LDC Workbook and online resources, I felt fully prepared going into both my theory and practical tests and I passed each first time. The practise theory tests were especially useful to me in passing and the breakdown of the practical test meant there were no surprises for me on the day.

Amelia BeattieAmelia Beattie
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan was recommended to me by a friend and I'm so glad I chose her as my driving instructor. Learning to drive with Siobhan was the best experience, she made every lesson fun and tailored to me so I was comfortable and confident with each lesson. The LDC resourses were also a great help and allowed me to prepare for what I'd be doing before lessons I wasn't so keen on. Before I started learning to drive, I was very nervous but every lesson was fun and Siobhan would always help me stay calm and focused if anything was to go wrong. I would highly recommend Siobhan and LDC!

Billy LovellBilly Lovell
Siobhan was an amazing driving instructor and just an all round lovely woman. She was very relaxed and supportive towards me and my driving, which definitely had a positive impact on all of my driving lessons. Every lesson was a learning curve and I couldn't have got here today without the feedback Siobhan used to give me week in week out, focusing on what went wrong, whilst remaining competent in the fundamentals of driving. In concluding, I highly recommend Siobhan to anyone who is looking to be a strong, safe and confident driver. Thank you so much for everything you did for me Siobhan, I appreciate it.

Isabelle Gough
My experience with LDC was excellent, from the instructor to the workbook and even the theory preparation. I found the use of the work books and set lessons suit my style of learning very well as I like to have clear understanding of what my goal is and the next steps. I didn’t use the videos however, as I simply felt I was doing fine without them. My instructor, I felt, made the whole experience of driving so much more enjoyable as I felt at ease with her, every lesson. Her style of teaching allowed me to feel confident every time I was driving and she got me to pass so much sooner than I had hoped. She was very friendly and I would recommend her to many friends in the future. I didn’t use the theory test preparation very much as I had already purchased another revision method. However, from what I had seen of it, it looked very easy to use. Thank you LDC, and a massive thank you to Siobhan.

Jess BrooksJess Brooks
Siobhan was recommended to me by a friend. Despite being nervous about driving, Siobhan was supportive and constantly put me at ease. She is patient and has a relaxed, friendly manner which made me feel very comfortable. Each lesson was well structured and tailored to what I felt I needed. I had a year’s break from driving due to going off to uni, however during the summer Siobhan was extremely accommodating with fitting me in for a week’s intensive driving. Despite having had a big break from driving and the test having changed slightly, Siobhan instantly made me feel comfortable and confident in driving. I am very grateful for all her help and support – I cannot thank her enough!!

Sam Sheppard
Passed 1st Time
I have very much enjoyed my lessons with Siobhan. Each lesson was thoroughly planned and talked about beforehand with the lessons being at a place which I found comfortable. Siobhan was a great teacher who was able to clearly explain all aspects of the learning process. During my experience i also used the online videos to be able to see what i was supposed to be doing during the early stages of learning and I found these very useful. Overall my experience with LDC has been great. Sam Sheppard

Gabriel CascielloGabriel Casciello
Siobhan is the best instructor I could've asked for when learning to drive. She taught me to drive at a very high and safe standard from the get go. Siobhan was also very flexible when it came to lessons and tried to work around what was best for me. I always felt like I came out of lessons having improved from the last. so I was eager to get back into the car and drive some more with Siobhan. We also always went at a pace that suited me and I never felt under any sort of pressure to do anything outside my comfort zone. The LDC book was very helpful as it allowed me to reflect and go over stuff we'd done in lessons, which was great as it felt like it helped me improve.

Joe FurbyJoe Furby
Passed First Time
Siobhan is an amazing and friendly driving instructor who goes above and beyond what is expected of her. Starting with absolutely no experience of driving, naturally I was pretty nervous to begin with. But, right from the first lesson, I found my confidence build through her supportive and encouraging manner. Lessons were always flexible in what was covered, to ensure that I could learn all the driving essentials in an enjoyable way. I had weekly lessons, each of an hour and a half, which was perfect for me as I was also studying A-levels at college full-time. The LDC Driving book and online resourses were invaluable as they allowed me to check my progress and refresh what we had covered in previous lessons. Siobhan is incredibly organised, keeping a record of everything that was covered in each and every lesson. And she would always incorporate any concerns I had with my driving into our flexible lesson structure. Even with a change in Siobhan’s car just weeks before my practical driving test, I passed 1st time, with just two driving faults, which is credit to Siobhan’s outstanding teaching and support. I cannot recommend Siobhan highly enough to anyone who wishes to become a safe and confident driver. Thank you so much, Siobhan!

Kirsty CraftKirsty Craft
Siobhan is amazing and I'm very grateful in all Siobhan's time and effort she put into me, as I definitely wasn't an easy learner! She did things that worked for me, to help me get to where I am today. She is one very patient and fair driving instructor as she would always come in with negative as well as positives. I'm glad I switched from my instructor to her as I felt very comfortable with Siobhan. We have already been telling people to book with her! PS Thank you for all that Siobhan did for me. You are truly a wonderful lady!

Erin WadeErin Wade
Passed 1st Time
I would 100% recommend both Siobhan and LDC to anyone. Her kindness and patience made me feel at ease, and the balance of criticism and plenty of praise helped me succeed at my driving. Her calmness helped me to gain skills throughout my driving and her constant belief in me built up my confidence. I would like to thoroughly thank her for helping me pass my test first time.

Olivia BelcherOlivia Belcher
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan was so supportive throughout my time learning to drive, especially leading up to the test. She always stayed calm in the car and constantly made sure I was comfortable. She gave me the LDC Workbook, which helped me prepare for each lesson, and gave me lots of really good tips for the test. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor and I am really going to miss my lessons!

Harry Harckham-GatesHarry Harckham-Gates
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan has been an incredible instructor and a lovely person which made me feel very comfortable from my first lesson. She was already so calm which helped me calm my own nerves in my first couple of lessons. I always enjoyed my hour and half lesson on a Wednesday and felt confident when it came to my test. I loved the way she taught me by not talking me through it step by step and just letting me have a go at the manoeuvre, this made me fell a lot more at ease when I was driving as I didn't have to go through steps as it felt more natural. I would highly recommend Siobhan to anybody that wants to learn to drive. Thank you again for all your help and support

Callum WilliamsCallum Williams
Passed1st Time
I found my lessons to be very enjoyable, easy to understand and that the amount and way we planned and executed lessons was perfect. And with passing my test, I really couldn't have done it without Siobhan. She is the most kind and friendly instructor anyone could ask for. I would highly recommend her and her knowledge of driving to anyone. I would like to thank her massively for teaching me and helping me pass my driving test!

Amy SmithAmy Smith
Passed 1st Time
I learnt to drive with Siobhan and had an hour and a half lesson once a week. I was really nervous about starting driving but Siobhan made me feel at ease from the beginning. She was always patient and calm even if things didn't always go right! I enjoyed my lessons and was given lots of different resources to look at outside of the car to help me improve which was really good. I passed first time and Siobhan was so reassuring as we were approaching it which really helped me. I would 100% recommend Siobhan to anyone as she made my learning experience a calm and positive one! Thankyou so much!!

Lily HaimesLily Haimes
After lessons with a couple of different instructors, my friend recommended Siobhan to me and I’m so pleased she did! Siobhan made me feel extremely comfortable when driving and increased my confidence with her praise. This made me enjoy our lessons. She tailored lessons very well so that I could improve. As Siobhan was a great teacher, when it came to my test I was confident in my abilities and when I passed she was extremely pleased for me. I’m so thankful for her help and I would 100% recommend. Thank you again!

Sophie GiggSophie Gigg
Passed 1st Time!
Thank you to Siobhan for helping me to pass first time! Siobhan was extremely punctual and organised, making sure that every lesson was as beneficial to me as possible whilst also being enjoyable. She kept a record of my progress each week which helped me to set targets and to challenge myself. Siobhan was always very patient and taught me how to be a confident driver. I would 100% recommend her to anyone and am really grateful for her help and support, I couldn't have done it without you!

Anna PisminetskaAnna Pisminetska
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan is an amazing driving instructor. She has taught me how to calmly assess situations and plan ahead which has helped me a lot in preparing to drive on motorways during busy times. She has helped me build my confidence on a wide range of roads including twisty country roads, steep hills and dual-carriage ways. Siobhan is a very friendly and nice person who you can chat to about anything while driving which helps keep the atmosphere very calm and cheerful in the car. She has given me advice on choosing a car and even after passing my test she continues to help me and give advice on any issues I have with driving or with my car. She is a very reliable teacher as she never canceled a lesson or came late. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs a driving instructor.

Lauren BoxallLauren Boxall
1st Time Pass
I would like to say a huge thank you to Siobhan for all her help over the course of me learning to drive. She was always friendly, calm and so supportive. She encouraged me and kept me positive even when I struggled and found things difficult. Siobhan was so helpful and always patient and I am so thankful for the whole experience of learning to drive with her. I would 100% recommend to anyone! Thank you again!

Patrick PeersPatrick Peers
First Time Pass
Siobhan is an incredibly supportive and engaging instructor, and her calming influence in the car quickly quelled any initial nerves that I had. Each lesson offered a great balance between being challenging but achievable, every week yielded progress and I always felt like I was actively improving, even if I'd had to miss a week or two in-between lessons due to life getting in the way! I'd had lessons previously but had never really settled into them, Siobhan's ability to communicate the topics/techniques and offer as much or as little support as I required made the process really enjoyable. Siobhan definitely puts the focus on becoming a confident and capable driver, rather than just being about how to survive a test! I would happily recommend her to anyone looking to learn to drive.

Alek Tokarczyk
Siobhan has been an exceptionally encouraging instructor and it has been a pleasure learning to drive with her. Her care and devotion is second to none and she has the patient of a saint. Before signing up with LDC, I had not had the best experience with driving instructors, so I was very nervous to start driving again. Siobhan has been fantastic from day one. She quickly put me at ease, she remained calm when I did not, she was motivating and enthusiastic which kept me going. Siobhan takes on board your weaknesses as well as your strongest points in driving so that she can make you one of the safest drivers along with the confidence needed. Her lessons are well planned, with topics interlinked and more difficult parts of the course revisited. She is also good at weighting lesson time to reflect the demands and challenges of the course. She doesn't just teach you to pass she teaches you how to drive and I can't thank her enough.

Matt KingMatt King
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan has been an amazing driving instructor and has helped me go from having no driving experience, to being both capable and confident to drive by myself. She had an organised structure to lessons and I found it easy to progress as she always knew when to move onto a new topic and when to practice more to make sure I was able to do it. I felt comfortable taking my test as I knew that Siobhan had taught me everything I needed and her support and encouragement meant I was not worried at all. I cannot thank Siobhan enough for teaching me and I would highly recommend her to anyone who was wanting to learn to drive.

Amy HardyAmy Hardy
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan is a great instructor, during my lessons she helped me gain confidence in my own driving making sure that it was always a calm environment making learning to drive enjoyable. Siobhan always organised the lessons making sure I was comfortable with each aspect of the drive tailoring it to my ability whilst also helping me move past my comfort zone and challenge myself. The LDC workbook alongside Siobhan’s guidance was extremely helpful in noting my progress and seeing what I needed to work on in future lessons so that I was prepared for my test. I would highly recommend Siobhan to anyone learning to drive and I cannot thank her enough.

Harry Hobbs
Learning to drive is a challenge, but with Siobhan I found it easier to overcome. This is due to her calm and constructive approach to helping me get to grips with all the elements needed to be a safe driver. Each well structure lesson helped me progress and gain confidence in my driving allowing me to pass my test.

Tiegan Fry
I wouldn’t waste your time or money looking elsewhere for a driving instructor. After a bumpy beginning with learning to drive with different instructors, Siobhan didn’t give up on me and encouraged me lesson after lesson. She provided me with not only the skills but confidence and understanding of driving. She could not do enough for me. Thank you so much Siobhan couldn’t have done it without you.

Charl;otte HallCharl;otte Hall
Passed First Time!!
Siobhan was amazing! From the very first lesson, she put me at ease and improved my confidence in the car (which was lovely as I was quite anxious about getting behind the wheel). When lessons/manoeuvres went well, she gave me praise and encouragement, and when things didn’t go as well as I was hoping, she made sure to stay positive and gave extremely helpful constructive criticism on where I could improve. All the way through the lessons, she was willing to give help if I was having trouble (even if it was an independent drive) as well as giving me as much material as possible outside of lessons to prepare me for both the theory and practical test. Every lesson was made enjoyable and Siobhan’s calm yet professional manner made it a pleasure to be in the lesson every week.

She was incredibly flexible with lessons times, always showed up in a timely manner, and was accommodating for pick up/drop off locations. If I was a bit worried about a particular lesson she would alter it so that I would enjoy the lesson but still get the most out of it, and she always planned each lesson in advance, so I had a chance to do some research at home if I was unsure. On test day, we went for a drive which really put me at ease and she helped keep me calm in the waiting room beforehand. And it paid off too! Thank you, Siobhan, for all your help in helping me pass first time! I can never thank you enough for making it genuinely enjoyable to be in the car and giving me the confidence to get behind the wheel (and love driving too)! I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know!

Jasmine Cole-RaffertyJasmine Cole-Rafferty
Passed 1st Time!
I took weekly lessons with Siobhan. She is so friendly and professional and really made me feel at ease on every lesson. I loved having driving lessons with Siobhan and looked forward to every Saturday. I had previously had two instructors before starting with Siobhan and when I started I was still quite nervous as I hadn’t done loads of lessons and had had a break for 2-3 months before starting again. It took me 6 attempts to pass my theory test! But, I passed my driving test first time with Siobhan. Overall my experience with Siobhan and LDC was brilliant and I loved learning to drive.

Emma TaylorEmma Taylor
Learning to drive was a key thing that I needed to get done and as fast as possible to help out with daily life. This was easy to do with Siobhan as she was flexible and can fit around you. It took me two attempts to pass my test, but she was supportive and helpful to get me back on track. It was fun and every lesson Siobhan brought the best she could to help boost moral and make me feel confident for my test. The LDC workbook was a lot of help when it came to the test, especially the show me tell me questions that is a compulsory part of the test. I can not thank Siobhan enough to help me though the learning and test processes and the freedom of being able to drive now is life changing.

Maddy BrooksMaddy Brooks
Passed 1st Time!
Passed first time The first time sitting behind the wheel in my lesson was very exciting but nerve-wracking. Despite these nerves Siobhan immediately made me feel at ease with her relaxed manner and patient and open approach. Siobhan was always early to my lessons and accommodated any last minute changes to lesson times or pick up and drop off locations. I felt very supported and encouraged when driving and Siobhan helped give me confidence in my own driving even when a lesson didn't go as well as I wanted it too. Siobhan helped adjust manoeuvres and techniques to help make driving easier and she helped me get the most out of my lessons. I looked forward to my lessons to both progress my driving but also enjoyed being able to chat openly with Siobhan with the atmosphere always being comfortable and relaxed. I would strongly recommend anyone to learn to drive with Siobhan and cannot thank her enough for the support and guidance she has given me.

Shannon PerryShannon Perry
Passed 1st Time
Learning to drive was what felt like an uphill battle to me. I started having lessons at 17 but due to personal circumstances had to stop so coming back to it at 21 was very daunting. Siobhan however made the process fun and enjoyable resulting in me passing my test first time! She made me feel comfortable in the car and over time we built a very strong relationship which is so important as it meant I could trust her and challenge myself. We put together a game plan and each lesson discussed what we would do next week and how we felt I was getting on, she really included me in what the lessons were going to be covering and this helped me feel completely prepared for my test. Not only did she manage my lessons she was all ways emotionally supportive and kind. I would definitely recommend learning to drive with her.

Ulani PainUlani Pain
I completed a semi-intensive driving course will Siobhan in July 2017. From the moment I first stepped foot into the car she made me feel at ease. I would say I was a very nervous driver to begin with but Siobhan helped my every step of the way. Our lessons were structured so that I felt completely in control of what I was learning. If I ever felt unsure about anything I could easily approach Siobhan and she would happily go over it again and again until I was thoroughly convinced that I had mastered it. I passed my test on my 2nd attempt, both times she gave me extra support before my test so I felt as prepared as I could. I was supplied with literature and a DVD to study at home. I found these tools very helpful when it came to touching up my skills I had learnt in the car. I would give Siobhan a 10/10 for my experience!

Claire FarmerClaire Farmer
Siobhan teaches you to drive in a friendly and supportive manner, which is very important. My previous instructor had put me off driving completely and after a 2 year break I decided to try driving again. Every step of the way Siobhan has given 110% to ensure I felt comfortable in the car and enjoyed my lessons. I took both Semi Intensive and Midway Pass courses with Siobhan; she would arrive promptly and always planned ahead well to maximize your time with her. She would always listen to you, with flexibility to adapt lessons to target certain areas you raised.

She offered a whole range of materials to suit any individual to learn, including: practical hands-on learning, workbooks and YouTube videos. Siobhan is so patient and understanding; any problems you may have she would help with and put you at ease. Her professionalism is second to none and I could not recommend her enough to anyone thinking of driving, especially if you are feeling a bit nervous. You'll gain not just a driving license but a friend too... I'll really miss her! She has gone above and beyond to help me, I cannot thank her enough!

Hannah MundenHannah Munden
Passed 1st Time
I was fortunate enough to take weekly lessons with Siobhan that lasted an hour and a half. A really good length of time to get into the drive and learn lots. Siobhan was lovely and very friendly. If I ever struggled with something there was always another approach that she had up her sleeve that would suit me, as a driver, better! I really enjoyed the lessons and the support from the online log in, it was very useful when it came round to my theory and practical test.

They are definitely a bonus! I didn't need to pay for the app that others use. The free book was also very good to read through and provided great detail and images if I was ever unsure of something. Fortunately, with Siobhan I passed both theory and driving tests first time and now feel confident in my ability to drive on all roads. I was able to pass my tests first time within 6 months of starting and would definitely recommend Siobhan's guidance as a driving instructor. Thank you again Siobhan!!!!!!!

Josh HeadlandJosh Headland
Passed 1st Time!
I have had 4 different instructors in my years of learning to drive, none of them have even come close to the attention to detail, care and devotion that Siobhan provides. We had weekly 1.5 hour lesson, this was all I could fit in. Siobhan made sure that the hours were utilized perfectly . Her professional attitude and calming persona is the perfect recipe to make sure you can pass what ever worries you have. Siobhan allows you to learn in your own way which is really refreshing. I trust her 100% to make sure the drivers of the future are completely competent. Overall there really isn’t anything I would change about Siobhan technique. Cool Calm and Collected. Thank you so much Siobhan 😃!

Ellen GillespieEllen Gillespie
I took some driving lessons before University but never came round to doing my test. In my third year at University I wanted to pass my driving test. Although nervous at first, as I hadn't been behind to wheel in a couple of years, Siobhan was very re-assuring and made me feel at ease with her friendly and positive presence. I didn't pass my test the first time round but Siobhan offered nothing but support, enthusiasm and helped me re-gain my confidence. Siobhan made my driving lessons a pleasure and I would happily recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to drive. I am thrilled with my learning experience and I'm so grateful for the time and effort Siobhan gave me, thank you! Thanks again, Ellen

Zack RigelsfordZack Rigelsford
I took weekly lessons with Siobhan which were usually 2 hours long. Siobhan was very friendly and patient which made it easy for me to feel relaxed and ask any questions that I had. The workbook was of great help as it allowed me to widen my knowledge and assess myself which helped me become a more independent driver, and with Siobhan’s help, a confident one. Although I didn’t pass my test first time, Siobhan continued to help me remain positive and re-assure me to help pass second time. I was recommended to Siobhan and was glad that I went with her. She is an exceptional instructor and I would high recommend her to anyone who’s looking for lessons.

Callum CriddleCallum Criddle
Being taught to drive by Siobhan was an honor, a fun and enjoyable experience that earned her bragging rights over any other instructor. She made the whole journey well paced and accessible, not a constant grind to pass the test. I would easily recommend Siobhan to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Alice LangfordAlice Langford
I very much enjoyed learning to drive, LDC's technique of teaching compliments my learning style. I loved having the extra materials, meaning the lessons continued outside the car; this meant I could learn whilst relaxed - allowing a clearer mind and more time. I would often draw/list in my book. Siobhan, the nicest most caring teacher (instructor) I have met. She took time to get to know me and my life. the understanding Siobhan showed towards life situations enabled me to be more relaxed and optimised my learning. Siobhan would make changes in her own life to ensure I had the best experience (late lessons). She made me feel relaxed, calm and happy in the car and only ever a text away. The fact Siobhan took time to know me, meant my journey was much more personal. I proudly and gratefully share my success (pass) with Siobhan. Thank you Siobhan, I could not have done this without you! Knowing you are still there for me, even now I've passed is a huge comfort. I would recommend to anyone.

Lauren FieldLauren Field
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan is a friendly, organised and professional individual that turned up to lessons promptly afew minutes before it started to allow us time to talk through the last lessons and what I could do to improve. She constantly reassures you and builds a confident mindset so that in situations which make you feel scared or nervous she would always talk through it slowly and help you if necessary. This skill helped me in my driving test because it gave me a confident and successful mindset to get me through the test without many nerves. On my first lesson, Siobhan gave me the LDC workbook which I could keep at home and bring it lessons to tick off the tasks I'd completed and make a note of the ones I didn't feel comfortable with. She also recommended watching the LDC clips online (You Tube) which helped tremendous amount, especially leading upto my test. LDC was the first school I went to as Siobhan is a close friend of my mums and we know from her reviews that Siobhan is one of the best driving instructors in the south in our eyes! All of this was proved to us on my test as I passed first time! Overall I enjoyed learning to drive with Siobhan and every lesson was fun and interesting. It has been an honour to get to know Siobhan and we would recommend her 1000% to any new driver who wants to become a strong, confident and safe driver. Thank you Siobhan, for teaching me to drive as a safe and confident individual.

Gemma KnowlesGemma Knowles
Passed My Test!
I had used numerous driving schools before I contacted Siobhan, at which time I had had a long break from previous lessons. I was a very nervous driver but Siobhan made me feel at ease from the start. We had weekly lessons for an hour each time. As my test was approaching, Siobhan offered useful and kind advise to help me deal with my nerves.

Aaron SherwoodAaron Sherwood
Siobhan was a brilliant instructor! She has helped to ensure that any problems that I had with driving, would be practiced and help turn them into strengths. It was always really nice and calm when getting into the car and throughout the lessons. Always helping to calm you down and get you back into the zone, if you go wrong and also being honest with how you are doing in a polite and caring way. Also easy to chat too making sure it's not awkward in the car. Always good fun on lessons and learned to drive in the safest way possible, helping me to become a better driver. Thank you for all your help!

Ashlea WaltersAshlea Walters
Siobhan is a brilliant driving instructor, she has a natural ability to make you feel relaxed and at ease. I was meant to have weekly lessons but with all the madness life bring Siobhan was still able to make sure I had the lessons when available. When Siobhan gives you tips about reading the work book or looking at YouTube videos do because she knows what she is talking about, even if it took numerous nudges in my direction to do so. Siobhan is very patience and understanding, one morning I had a slight emotional wobble and Siobhan helped me get through it and gave me the confidence to continue on. I took a few attempts to past my test but Siobhan never let me get down about it and made sure I got right back on the driving which was a massive support. Thank you for everything Siobhan, you’ve made my life so much easier!

Alice MogridgeAlice Mogridge
Passed 1st Time!
Siobhan is a lovely, friendly driving instructor, who I thoroughly enjoyed driving with. Each lesson was well organised and could be worked around my college timetable. My confidence grew each time I drove and this was down to her patience and ability to encourage me when I found something tricky. As soon as I got in the car I was put at ease and she made learning to drive a very enjoyable experience. Considering I was absolutely terrified of dual carriageways at the start, Siobhan made sure we had lessons dedicated to just these, and this really helped in growing my confidence. The LDC workbook was incredibly useful in the especially in the days leading upto my test day as I was able to identify my strengths and weakness i had and improve these. I would highly recommend Siobhan to anyone and I will miss driving with her!

Lucy BetsworthLucy Betsworth
One of my close friends had recommended Siobhan when I was thinking about taking driving lessons. I had a lesson every week. Siobhan is very organised and professional. We would always have chats in the car which would help put me at ease with driving and if there was anything I found difficult she would be patient and suggest many different methods that may help, what videos to watch on Youtube and what sections to look at in the LDC book which was really useful. During my experience, there were times when some people around me weren't very supportive and made me feel like I had a slim chance of passing my test anytime soon. However, I felt comfortable about talking to Siobhan about my problems and she was very understanding, would give really good advise and help boost my confidence again which I will always be extremely grateful for. I would definitely recommend Siobhan to anyone. Even if you feel like you would be a nervous driver, Siobhan can certainly change that. Thank you so much!!

Emma FieldEmma Field
Passed First Time!
My driving experience was easy too follow from start to finish and even when I was having a wobble, Siobhan would go over what I wasn't confident on until I was happy. Thank-you so much for teaching me how to drive!!

Katherine AitkenKatherine Aitken
Passed 1st Time!
I was very nervous to start but once i had met with Siobhan she talked me through everything and was very accommodating when i had to go sick. We picked up where we left off about 2 months later and with only a few more lessons she got me to pass first time! It's amazing! She is an amazing instructor and knows how to do her job properly.

Emily CampbellEmily Campbell
I never had any aspiration to learn to drive, and after not making much progress with a different instructor, I took a break from driving. I then decided to re-start and contacted Siobhan. I could tell on the phone she was warm and friendly, and after meeting with her prior to starting lessons, I knew she was the right instructor for me. She was always extremely patient and always made me feel at ease when in the car. I chose to have 90 minute lessons, and by following the LDC book, I could see/feel I was making progress. Siobhan always arrived on time and made the lessons enjoyable. Previously I always dreaded my driving lessons, but with Siobhan I looked forward to them. She always listened to any concerns I had, and would go out of her way to reassure me. I have already recommended Siobhan to my friends, and 100% recommend her to anyone who is feeling nervous about driving. Thankyou Siobhan for giving me the confidence to drive, I couldn’t have done it without your help and support!

Tony KellyTony Kelly
Passed 1st Time
Done my pre drive and discussed how many hours were needed and made an effective plan, 15 hours in one week Monday to Friday (test day). I was given the LDC book which has everything you need to aid you in success, and can look back to refresh before your next lesson. From day one Siobhan was ready with the plan, she was extremely calm and easy to get on with which put me at ease in doing things I was not so confident with, needless to say she's a brilliant instructor and if you want to learn to drive in a calm and friendly environment Siobhan is the instructor you need !!

Heather HarropHeather Harrop
Passed 1st Time
I loved learning to drive with Siobhan. We had lots of laughs and giggles as well as getting the job done. I’ve recommended her to lots of people already and will, 100%, use her to teach my children to drive. Thank you so much for your time and patience and faith in me.

Adam SmithAdam Smith
Passed 1st Time!
Siobhan is such a great, friendly driving instructor! I had weekly lessons in which I always felt that I was being encouraged to progress as far as I felt comfortable in each lesson. Siobhan Always understood any worries or questions that I had about the driving and put my mind at ease by making sure that I was driving safely and confidently. Siobhan was always very flexible with lessons which was especially helpful as I was learning throughout exams! I found the LDC driving book helpful as I could look at it between lessons to look at my progress and to refresh my memory of what I had learnt in the lessons. Siobhan also always kept a record of my progress each week and how I could improve which really helped me to get the most out of each lesson. I thoroughly enjoyed each lesson and I am so happy and grateful that I managed to pass first time! Thank you Siobhan for all of your help and support with my driving and I would recommend Siobhan to anyone who wants to become a great, safe and confident driver!

Alice Amores Gifford
Having lived in the UK for four years, I decided to learn to drive for the first time in my life after being encouraged to do so by my husband. We searched the Internet for a suitable driving instructor and decided to go with Siobhan Towell and LDC. I was very nervous and apprehensive at first but after an introductory five hours driving, I quickly felt at ease with Siobhan. I then started to look forward to every lesson and my confidence grew with each session. With the help of the LDC online Theory and Hazard perception tests [https://www.learnerdriving.com/hazard-perception-test/free-hazard-perception-test] I scored very highly on both. Later, after Siobhan and I agreed that I was confident enough and ready to take the practical test which I passed. I thoroughly recommend learning to drive with Siobhan Towell and LDC. Not only am I now a confident driver but I love my driving also. Thank you Siobhan. I will miss spending time with you.

Hazel WadeHazel Wade
I tried 31 years ago to learn to drive and hated every minute of it! My partner encouraged me to learn again so I thought I would give it a go. Siobhan was brilliant from the outset. her manner put me at ease straight away. Everything was explained to me very clearly and each lesson I learnt more. Siobhan was very patient, considerate and completely professional. her attitude was very encouraging and every lesson was about me and my ability to drive. Her communication skills are second to none as I always knew when my lessons were and any arrangements we had made. I would highly recommend Siobhan to anyone else as my driving experience has been a complete pleasure. Thank you so very much Siobhan!

Sophie SheppardSophie Sheppard
A friend of mine recommended that I learn to drive with Siobhan and I thoroughly enjoyed every lesson I had with her. Siobhan is a kind and patient instructor which really helped me feel comfortable and confident in the car. Siobhan always tested me and encouraged me to do things I didn't think I could. However, with that boost of confidence and guidance that she offered me, I was able to put myself to the challenge. I had a 2 hour lesson every week and I really feel that I benefitted from having that extra time in the car. Every lesson was planned and designed to help me improve each week. By having the LDC book, it allowed me to read up on what we would be focusing on in the next lesson, but also tick off everything I had achieved already. This helped me feel more confident as the weeks went on as I could physically see my improvements. My brother will be learning to drive soon and will definitely be learning with Siobhan as I would recommend her to anyone.

Ella BreslinElla Breslin
Passed 1st Time
Siobhan is a lovely and great driving instructor. Every weekly lesson was well organised and I felt I improved each week and built up my confidence. Siobhan was always very patient and calm throughout each of my lessons which gave me the confidence and encouragement I needed, but also making the drive much more enjoyable. I found the LDC driving book helped especially with the early lessons as I could read about what I would be learning in my lessons, which helped me get a head start. I am so glad I had Siobhan as my driving instructor and I would highly recommend her. Thank you again Siobhan.

Toby Reed
Siobhan is the best driving instructor there is. She always pushed me to what she knew I could do. She was the most helpful person when it comes to driving lessons and learning new things. I really enjoyed my lessons, never felt pressured to do anything I did not want to do, going at my own pace with no concerns. She gave me the support I needed to pass my test with confidence. If you live in Waterlooville I would certainly recommend going with Siobhan! Thank you Siobhan for all of your help!

Mike Purdy-CassidyMike Purdy-Cassidy
Passed 1st Time
After putting off driving for a long period of time, I finally decided to start learning with LDC and managed to pass my practical test first time. This was largely due to the helpful guidance 'coaching' approach taken by my instructor and by the LDC driving school. I decided to take the midway-pass course, with sporadic weekend lessons building up to it and my instructor was Siobhan. I had no previous driving experience before starting with Siobhan and I found her to be a very helpful and calming instructor whom was very easy to get along with. Throughout the course, I felt calm and knew I was in good hands from the very start with Siobhan. She really worked well to polish my driving skills to ensure that I was perfectly test ready on the day of my test, picking up on all of my bad habits whilst commending me on my driving when appropriate. Overall, I really enjoy the approach taken my LDC and Siobhan epitomised this, allowing me to attempt things at my own pace, when I felt ready with advise only coming when I needed it. I felt that this allowed my drive to become intuitive and I have benefited greatly from this since passing. I would definitely recommend LDC and Siobhan to anyone wanting to pass with as little unnecessary stress as possible!

Peter TaylorPeter Taylor
Siobhan was professional, organised and prompt for lessons. I enjoyed my lessons as I was learning how to drive not just to pass the practical test, but to drive in a safe way for after the test. Siobhan would fill in a sheet of what we had done in the lesson, where we went, what manoeuvres we had done and areas that needed more practise. I used the LDC workbook alot initially and also closer to taking my test as all the Show Me/Tell Me questions were in there as well as lots of information about the test. I did not pass the first time, but on my second attempt, I only got 5 minors. Overall the experience of driving was very good as I was constantly driving on different types of roads from quiet residential roads to dual carriageways. I really enjoyed doing the manoeuvres. In conclusion, I would highly recommend Siobhan, as she provided a friendly, professional service that enabled me to become a safe driver and being patient when it is needed on the roads.

Cay GrierCay Grier
Passed 1st Time
Each week getting in the car with Siobhan was a pleasure and a great learning experience. I don't think I would have bothered to learn to drive after a past driving experience, but having found Siobhan and LDC with the help of my partner, my confidence has grown in driving again.

Siobhan as an instructor is fantastic, she really makes you feel as ease behind the wheel, also gives you all the information if you're not sure about anything to do with driving itself.

I will really miss all our conversations and funny times we had while driving. I can now go out on the road with the skills and knowledge of a good driver and be safe in the knowledge that I taught to be a safe and competent driver.

Gary BlakleyGary Blakley
Passed 1st Time
I would just like to thank Siobhan Towell, an LDC instructor for all her help in my driving lessons. I have just passed my driving test and could not be happier. If anyone in the Waterlooville area is learning to drive, please contact Siobhan Towell. THANK YOU!

Lauren WallisLauren Wallis
Passed First Time
Siobhan had already helped my sister pass her driving test first time, so it was an easy choice to seek her help when I decided to learn to drive. From my very first lesson Siobhan put me at ease, quickly assessed my driving ability, and developed a training plan that was right for me. Siobhan’s knowledge, experience and professional approach, coupled with LDC’s driving skills workbook & DVD helped ensure I developed all the driving skills to not only pass my test but prepare me when going solo on today’s busy roads. I can honestly say that Siobhan made the whole driving experience thoroughly enjoyable, and I would not hesitate in recommending Siobhan to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Thanks Siobhan for all your help, support and patience you’re a true asset to LDC.

Jess BendyJess Bendy
Passed First Time
Siobhan is a great driving instructor. Each lesson was well designed in order to help me improve every week. The LDC driving book helped to set clear targets which we could tick off at the end of each lesson. I could also read about what I would be learning in my next lesson, which often gave me a head start. Siobhan was always very patient and calm throughout the process which gave me lots of confidence and encouraged me to pass the test first time. I always enjoyed the lessons and was able to ask Siobhan any questions or worries I had. Thanks again Siobhan, I would recommend you to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Luke ShawLuke Shaw
Passed 1st time
Siobhan is a great instructor. She is very patient and very competent. I had a taster session and a weeks Intensive Driving course and passed my test first time. All of this was due to her great instructions and guidance. I would recommend her to all my friends who are looking to do their driving test as I am confident she can get anyone to pass.

A PS from Luke's wife:
Thank you again for such a wonderful experience, your excellent service made the process of him taking his test go like clockwork.

Kayla Moth
My instructor was very patient and supportive though out my lessons with her. Although initially I did not pass my test after the weeks intensive course, she still provided me with the boost I needed to continue with lessons and tests until I did pass. Although I was under a lot of pressure to pass and became frustrated at the on-going process it was well worth it and I now feel confident on the roads! Thank you Siobhan!

Abbie GiggAbbie Gigg
Siobhan Towell was my LDC instructor and I block booked my lessons in batches with her. Siobhan was always on time; she was so friendly and patient with me and I felt comfortable to ask questions. She would always be willing to accommodate my lesson around college and then more recently my working pattern. I found the workbook helpful to reinforce what we had discussed and I had learnt during each lesson. With LDC you never car share your lesson – my booked lesson was 100% my time and I could ask Siobhan to go over any manoeuvres or routes I felt unsure of. I would recommend Siobhan as she really supported me during my driving lesson experience and also I and my parents were really impressed with the initial home visit that Siobhan offers; where we all got a chance to meet each other, discuss the costs and we instantly felt confident that we had chosen the right instructor to suit me. I was delighted when I passed and thank you Siobhan for all your help and support!

Freya WalkerFreya Walker
Passed 1st Time!
Learning to drive with Siobhan was a really great experience. Both my brother and sister also learnt with her and found her to be a really good teacher, and so I new I wanted to learn with her too. I had one lesson a week, which were usually an hour to and hour and a half long. At the start of every lesson Siobhan and I would go through what it was I was going to be learning, this was always very easy to understand as she has lots of LDC materials to help make it clear. During the lessons she was very calm which helped make me feel comfortable and confident in the car. If there was ever anything I was unsure of I was always able to raise this with Siobhan as she would happily go through it with me. She also gave me the LDC driving skills book so that before and after lessons I was able read about what I had done or was going to be doing. By the end of the lesson we would discuss things that I need to improve on and set targets for the next lesson. By the time it came to my test I felt completely ready. Siobhan answered any questions I had about the test and so made it a lot less scary and helped me to be calm! I have really enjoyed my experience of learning to drive and am still enjoying it since passing thanks to Siobhan. I have recommend Siobhan to a friend who is now learning to drive with her, and I will recommend her to other people I know who are intending to drive.

Becky AdamBecky Adam
Passed 1st Time!
I had always been really nervous about learning to drive, but Siobhan made the whole experience incredibly enjoyable. She was always patient with me and worked around my (often changing) schedule. Siobhan was always on time and always had a plan prepared for what we were doing that day and she was happy to go through things that I was unsure on until I felt confident. She would work the lessons not only around what I needed to learn, but what I wanted to go back over and she made sure I was happy with what I had learnt that lesson. I always felt completely safe and at ease when in the car with Siobhan, she really helped me build up my confidence and I would definitely recommend her to anyone, I really enjoyed the time I spent with Siobhan and am really grateful for everything she did.

Claire TallonsClaire Tallons
Passed 1st Time!
Learning to drive with Siobhan was the best decision I ever made. I took weekly lessons and every single lesson, Siobhan was either on time or early. She was organised and clean and tidy. She was friendly but at the same time was professional. I never had much confidence at driving, but Siobhan was very patient and helped gain my confidence back. Every lesson I had with Siobhan, I thoroughly enjoyed! LDC was not my first driving school. I had a previous instructor, who made me not want to carry on driving, but on my first lesson with Siobhan, she made me rethink about driving and now I love driving! With the amazing help and patience, I finally passed my test first time! I would 100% recommend Siobhan to anyone! Thank you so much for everything for the past year! I seriously can't thank you enough!!

Aimee RockettAimee Rockett
Choosing Siobhan as my driving instructor was one of the best decisions I made, as someone who felt very anxious about learning to drive Siobhan completely put me at ease no matter what obstacle I had to overcome in every lesson. She was so incredibly patient and always there if I had any questions or needed any help in the lessons. This made the whole experience of learning to drive all the more fun and enjoyable and meant that when it came to take my test I had a fair amount of experience due to all the different places Siobhan had taken me out driving. Some places that were way out of my comfort zone are now just normal routes for me. She makes you feel so confident and sure of yourself, always offering kind feedback, even if you don't believe it yourself. She also adds in good criticisms that can further improve you as a driver but in the kind way that makes you want to better yourself too. I cannot thank Siobhan enough for teaching me to drive which will probably be one of the best skills I learn during life, I have recommended her to countless people as she really is the best and loveliest instructor, thank you so much again, Siobhan! :)

 Chloe Billing Chloe Billing
Learning to drive has been great! Siobhan was friendly but professional and was patient, especially when I was going through a rough patch with driving. Siobhan was always prompt and organised for our lessons. She has shown me so much about how to drive. I think one of the reasons why I enjoyed my lessons so much was because Siobhan was my instructor and I was able to talk to her as a friend more than a teacher.

I can't thank you enough for everything!

Kellee HartKellee Hart
Passed her test
I just want to say a huge thank you to Siobhan! She was very patient and understanding despite my fear of driving and mistakes that followed. Siobhan always tried to fit in lessons that worked around my schedule, she is very relaxing and encouraging; I definitely would not have passed my test without her and would recommend her to any new drivers looking to pass soon.

Once again a huge thank you!

Luke OrmeLuke Orme
Passed his test
As someone who was older and coming back to driving many years after having my first lessons with a different instructor, I was worried that I would have to spend a lot of time relearning the basics. However, Siobhan was able to quickly assess my aptitude and tailor the lessons exactly to my level. This allowed me to quickly build on what I could do already and concentrate on areas that required improvement. Siobhan created a great learning environment and her teaching style encourages organic development of skills. I always felt improved greatly with each lesson thanks to clear objectives, great instruction and useful feedback. I would recommend Siobhan to anyone.

Emily SherrattEmily Sherratt
Passed her test
Learning to drive with Siobhan was a great experience. I have known Siobhan my whole life and she is a kind, cheerful and polite person. When Siobhan was recommended to me by other family friends who learned to drive with her, I was sure I wanted Siobhan to be my instructor.

I did one driving lesson a week, usually of an hour and a half but sometimes two hours. Siobhan always turned up on time to driving lessons with an organised plan for what we'd be doing that day and the structure and order in which I learned things was very sensible. Nothing was rushed and Siobhan always made me feel calm and relaxed, even when I made mistakes - she would focus on how to improve and always remained positive.

Siobhan would ask me whether or not I felt confident with a particular part of driving before progressing and if I asked her to go over a part of driving I still didn't feel completely comfortable with then she would base the lesson around that.

Overall, learning to drive was a much better experience than I ever expected it to be as I was very nervous before I started learning.

I would definitely recommend Siobhan to anybody!

Sachin KananiSachin Kanani
Siobhan helped me pass my driving test and much more. I failed my driving test the first time in London, whilst I am at University of Portsmouth I decided to try again. Siobhan agreed to meet with me to assess my driving skill to see what method of practice would best suit me. After evaluating she honestly told me that all I needed was a touch up course to smooth out any rough edges. She did exactly that with the Test Booster Course.

Overall, I have to say that Siobhan helped me so much to become a even better driver than I was before she made me feel comfortable and adjusted everything to suit my needs. By the time I had my test we covered everything that I felt weak on and it gave me so much more confidence. At the start and end of each lesson we discussed how to achieve the maximum out of the hours we had. I could not be happier with the help that she gave me and the enjoyment I had learning from her.

There is no doubt that Siobhan can help you pass your driving test and I would recommend her to anyone that is just starting to learn or have had a few lessons. She will give you her honest opinion and tell you how to improve (make sure you listen haha :P). Thank you for everything Siobhan you will not be forgotten!

If it could be added to my website, that would be great! Thankyou.

Alvarado CollantesAlvarado Collantes
Siobhan taught me to learn to drive for life and not not passing the test. Thanks to Siobhan I've developed my skills awareness and behavior on the road. She rocks!

Gaby Day
Siobhan made the whole experience of learning to drive enjoyable and made me relaxed when driving. Siobhan was flexible and very helpful when booking lessons, especially around personal commitments and when I moved house, she went out of her way to ensure I was still able to have lessons with her. When explaining manoeuvres and the drive, she was very clear and precise using a simple way to make sure that the lessons were very independent, but making sure to give me advise and support when needed. Overall, I really enjoyed having lessons with Siobhan and couldn't ask for a nicer instructor. I can't thank her enough and would recommend her to anyone and everyone! Thank you Siobhan, driving means alot to Eli and !!

Emma DuckworthEmma Duckworth
My name is Emma and I passed my driving test.
I had been taking driving lessons with Siobhan for around a year. I was quite nervous on the road and I had many other instructors over the years but always given up as I did not seem to be getting anywhere. Then met with Siobhan. She came to meet me and we chatted for a while and went for a little drive to make sure I was comfortable and wanted to continue with lessons. I felt very comfortable from the first time I met Siobhan. She was very friendly and seemed an overall nice person. I was having weekly lessons and have to say what an amazing person Siobhan is. She was always friendly, organised and patient with me. I know I could be hard work at time but she always reassured me and never got angry, even when I did make some silly mistakes. She encouraged me to keep doing what I was doing and no matter how many times it took I would get where I wanted to be. Siobhan is such a positive lady and I am so happy I met her. I could not have asked for a better in instructor. I very much enjoyed my lessons with Siobhan and I would highly recommend her to anyone reading this statement or to anyone I know. If anyone can make you succeed, she can.

Kurt SpencerKurt Spencer
Siobhan made my driving lessons highly enjoyable and always tested me at all opportunities! I had lessons once a week for over a year and a half. It seems like so long ago. Siobhan was friendly, professional and patient with me from the word go! I can honestly say she is an amazing driving instructor who will help you in any way she can to make sure you succeed.

Charlotte BendyCharlotte Bendy
Siobhan was my third driving instructor! I chose to have one lesson a week for a hour and a half. After my first lesson I knew she was the right fit for me. Unlike previous instructors I felt confident and safe to drive whilst she was beside me and the felt the feedback I received was always valuable and constructive. After every lesson I felt I had more confidence and the lesson was truly beneficial. After each lesson Siobhan would ask how I felt the lesson went and what needed to be worked on next time this meant there was a plan for the week ahead. Siobhan is definitely one of the most patient, lovely and supportive people i have ever come across and i would not hesitate to recommend her to anybody who wants a brilliant driving instructor.

Sian HeardSian Heard
Siobhan was literally amazing and I honestly couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor. I, for one, wasn't a lover of driving and lacked confidence, but during my lessons, I gained confidence and started to actually enjoy driving for the first time! Siobhan was always prompt for our lessons and had always planned the lesson out for you and would explain what you'll doing for that lesson and together, at the end, we would plan our next lesson. During the lesson, Siobhan would ask how I was feeling and if I had any issues or anything you'd like to work on. I got on really well with Siobhan, she was always friendly and happy and even if I messed up or did a silly thing, she remained patient and still gave me that push that I needed. I passed my test first time and wouldn't have been able to do it without Siobhan and the company LDC. I have since recommended Siobhan/LDC to everyone who talks about driving lessons and the prices are reasonable. Again, thank you so much!'

Naomi Downie
I had 1 hour lessons a week and as I was an experienced driver, Siobhan guided my learning, but encouraged me to use my own experiences and knowledge in every lesson. Siobhan is a very friendly and patient instructor and I would recommend any learner in any situation to learn with Siobhan.

I am very grateful to Siobhan for helping me to get my licence back and I am extremely happy that I passed on my first attempt.

Alice Wise
It took a little while to get used to driving and to be comfortable being in a car, but Siobhan was patient and always willing to help. She planned the lessons to suit me and what I felt I needed/wanted to cover. Siobhan was always supportive and encouraging and gave me the confidence I needed.

Zoe ReadZoe Read
I started learning to drive with Siobhan, and was having weekly lessons. I was always apprehensive to drive when I first got in the car, but was put at ease and always encouraged. If I didn't understand something, it would be explained until Siobhan was confident I understood, and she would also make sure I was confident when putting things into practice. She was really friendly, and there was always a positive atmosphere in the car, she didn't let me doubt my ability. Although I didn't pass my test first time, I put my nerves to one side and concentrated on the drive, passing on my second attempt. Thankyou for all your help in getting me to pass!

Callum ReeveCallum Reeve
I have thoroughly enjoyed my driving lessons with Siobhan. The knowledge and experience passed on enabled me to attain a good standard of driving in a reasonable time frame, and I always felt each lesson was productive, personalised and well structured. Siobhan puts you at ease behind the wheel, and is very calm, understanding and professional. The feedback I received was excellent, and always recognised both strengths and areas to improve on. As a result of Siobhan's support and guidance, I have now passed my theory and practical driving test, and I would highly recommend Siobhan as a driving instructor.

Aoife Ward-Farrell
I had weekly lessons with Siobhan and passed my driving test first time on 1st September 2014

Siobhan was my first and only driving instructor. Our lessons were always well planned and centred on what I needed to know and was unsure on. As a result of this I feel confident driving.

I enjoyed my lessons with Siobhan, who was always patient, friendly no matter how many mistakes I made.

Katie BeauchampKatie Beauchamp
Learning to drive with Siobhan was a delight!
After a few lessons with another company 5 years ago I had put off learning to drive and had got more and more nervous as the years went on. But after meeting Siobhan and doing the semi intensive two week course, I now wonder why it took me so long!

The course was quite intense with long lessons but for anyone who is slightly nervous I would definitely recommend it, as I feel you progress daily and really feel you can achieve your goal. The course is set up with a really simple but affective workbook to follow before and after each lesson and also a DVD to assist you with helpful hints, tips and what to expect on the day of your test.

Siobhan was always patient, friendly and relax and had a lovely manner about her that instantly put me at ease in the car. I would definitely recommend Siobhan to any learner driver!

Karl MardellKarl Mardell
I was very nervous about learning to drive, and had heard horror stories about driving instructors, but was recommended to learn with Siobhan.

Siobhan was brilliant throughout, I never felt too nervous, and she taught me very well. If there was something I struggled with, we would go over it until I felt comfortable and confident with it. The structure of the lessons was great, as you could always see your progress, the things you've learned, and make a rough judgement on how long till you take your test, which I found very useful.

I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Josh RigelsfordJosh Rigelsford
I took weekly lessons with Siobhan and always found her to be a friendly and positive instructor. She would always help me understand any aspect of driving whether it be repeating manoeuvres or answering the simplest of questions. There was always a strong sense that I was being taught with care and professionalism which helped me to feel a better and more confident driver.

The study materials were a great help and I think the Driving Skills Workbook was probably the most important book I've ever owned. The self assessments and step by step guides really helped to widen my knowledge base and helped me identify areas I needed to do and with Siobhan's help I was able to work to improve them next lesson.

I didn't pass on my first attempt, but the mistakes I made were silly mistakes caused by pressure and nerves on the day and the drive certainly didn't reflect my ability. On my test that I passed, I was still nervous, but I focused on the drive and passed!

Caitlin ArthurCaitlin Arthur
Siobhan is very friendly and outgoing and she would always be responsive to any concerns I had, constantly making me feel relaxed and comfortable during our lessons. Her patience was invaluable and she always helped both professionally and attentively. She continually went at my pace and I therefore appreciated learning to drive with her, enjoying my lessons greatly. Siobhan would always center my lessons around what I felt I required and what I wanted to cover the most, especially just before my test.

Siobhan was exceptionally helpful with my own personal positive mental attitude, which was a vital trait as it boosted my confidence greatly and helped me to believe in my abilities and ultimately pass my test!

The Driving Skills workbook was important in outlining each stage of the learning process and was particularly helpful in reinforcing all my knowledge before my test and I consequently believe it is a very good advantage as it underpins everything that is necessary.

I would recommend Siobhan to anyone who is planning to learn to drive and I wouldn't have been able to do it without her. I am therefore so grateful for all her help and support and will miss having lessons with her! Thank you very much Siobhan!!

Duncan HackerDuncan Hacker
I took driving lessons in order to gain a standard car license. We have these lessons weekly, sometimes 1 a week occasionally 2. These were booked and payed for in blocks of 10 as a discount was offered when bought in blocks. I took a 2 year break from my lessons in order to spend some time traveling and working abroad. When I then returned to having lessons Siobhan was more than happy to pick up pretty much exactly where we left off. She had kept all the notes and progress from our lessons including a record of outstanding lessons I had already paid for. She was very accommodating and understanding of how and when we fit lessons in around my rather busy schedule. For example picking my up straight from work/college or having a lesson very early in the morning.

Siobhan was always friendly and happy, we would always talk and have a laugh whilst driving around. Even on days when my standard of driving slipped, the criticism was always constructive. One manoeuvre I struggled with in particular was parallel parking so Siobhan adapted the plans she had for the lessons to spend more time focusing on that. She would never bait me on to attempt something I wasn't comfortable with however, she knew how to push me past mental blocks I had to allow me to improve.

LDC was that first company I went with so I cant say I have an alternative to compare it to but the thought of switching to someone else never even crossed my mind. I was provided with an educational DVD and handbook that went over all aspects of driving which was handy to look over when I got home after a lesson. Siobhan would often refer back to the handbook if it concerned the specific point of the days lesson in case that explained it in a way that made more sense. Most of the time though, Siobhan explanations and illustrations were more than enough and during the latter half of my lessons I rarely found I needed to read the book.

Overall I couldn't fault my experience with Siobhan or LDC as I passed my driving test first time! They get my recommendation a 100 times over!

Jack Bond
Learning to drive with Siobhan Towell was a great experience that I shall keep with me for a long time. The knowledge and experience that she holds will help provide anybody with a good opportunity to pass. The treatment that I received as a learner driver was amazing no matter what the situation called for. This has prepared me to go on and drive with the confidence of a new found skill which was only achievable from her knowledge. There is a great atmosphere in the car which allowed me to focus on what needed doing. I would recommend Siobhan to anybody who is looking to drive.

Meg WalkerMeg Walker
I had weekly lessons with Siobhan from an hour and a half, to two hours at a time. LDC was the first driving school I went to. I enjoyed my lessons a lot as my instructor was very calm and friendly. I used the LDC driving skills book to tick off the lesson targets each tome I had a lesson. This was helpful as I could see what stage I was at, but also re-read or watch using the LDC DVDs, any stages I found more difficult.

I passed my Driving Test on the second attempt. After failing my first attempt I re-booked my test as soon as possible as both myself and Siobhan felt I was ready. I enjoyed my overall experience of learning to drive. I didn't find it stressful at all and felt no need to rush. I learnt everything in small stages, knowing that if I didn't feel comfortable with a certain area Siobhan would be happy to practise it with me until I felt comfortable.

Coral BullCoral Bull
I took weekly lessons with Siobhan.
My instructor was very friendly and professional, I always felt relaxed and comfortable in the car. She was very patient and I knew that I could learn at my own pace. I always really enjoyed my lessons which has made driving a really fun experience for me. I found that I was comfortable with all aspects of my driving test as Siobhan was always willing to adapt our lessons to what I felt I needed more practice in.

She gave me the Driving Skills workbook which I found useful to track what I had and hadn't learnt. It helped me to cover what I needed to practice more, particularly the targets, so I was fully prepared for my test. I passed my test on my first attempt with only 1 minor!

I have really enjoyed driving, including during the learning process and driving by myself since passing. Siobhan is a very very good instructor who I'll recommend to other people I know are intending to learn to drive soon.

Alistair BrownAlistair Brown
Passed his test first time
Siobhan is a really good instructor and she helped me make progress every lesson. With her help driving became much less stressful and she creates a calm environment in the car which really makes it easy to concentrate. She is very friendly and kept me calm even when I felt like it was all going wrong. Her instructions are very simple and easy to follow which make the whole experience of learning to drive so much better. I enjoyed every lesson with Siobhan and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Matt BirdMatt Bird
When I think about my time driving, I could not imagine it being any better than it was. Everything was perfect. Siobhan was very patient and understanding, very helpful and most of all, the best instructor I could have asked for!

Always on time and brilliant in explaining everything I needed to know. The workbook that was given to me was very useful and explained everything. For a first time experience learning to drive, this was a calm and detailed approach that worked really well.

I would recommend Siobhan to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Without her, I wouldn't have passed first time.

Becky PorterBecky Porter
Siobhan was the best driving teacher I could have asked for because she always believed in me. I had had previously had lessons with someone else who I didn't click with however when Siobhan came over for the home visit I knew from speaking with her that she would be a great instructor. Right from the get go, Siobhan got me driving in the car so I could see that I did know what I was doing. When I had a few problems or things that I struggled with she made sure that we got to talk about them so I could understand the theory behind them. I also had many opportunities to practice what I was struggling. She gave me the confidence and belief that I could safely drive and not just learn to pass my test.

She was always on time for lessons and was easily contactable if I had any issues or worries.

All in all, she's a great person to learn to drive with (she's more than an instructor!) and I am so glad that I found her.

Chelsea WallaceChelsea Wallace
I was very nervous about starting up again as I was set to do a 2 week intense course, but I settled very quick with Siobhan's encouragement and friendliness. I would recommend Siobhan to anyone that wants to learn to drive. She sat through all the questions I asked and she was happy to answer them all, no matter how silly they seemed. I was always reassured when I felt like my driving was slipping and was given great advice that saw me through my test.

I passed first time with Siobhan because I was confident and went in with a positive frame of mind. I definitely wouldn't have been able to do it without having a brilliant instructor.

Thank you so much Siobhan!!!

Mike NewbonMike Newbon
Siobhan was always friendly, which I think helped a lot in keeping me calm during the initial driving lessons, which certainly helped when I inadvertently made mistakes, and got me on the right track to correct them. As I was also under a lot of stress while taking my driving lessons from university, she was always understanding of my needs and helped guide me to what I can now call one of the happiest experiences of my life - hearing the words 'you passed'.

While driving is not my favorite past time, and I was always nervous before the lesson began - my instructor was great at helping me settle into driving and building my confidence, so while I didn't always enjoy driving - she certainly made the lessons more enjoyable than I found them with my previous instructor.

At the start of my driving lessons, I was provided with a driving skills workbook which linked in with each new part of my driving. This book was especially useful in the leadup to my driving test as it had loads of info on common driving faults and what they look for on your test.

While driving always made me nervous and I find the idea of being behind the wheel very stressful, the overwhelming feeling of success was incredible, and now that I have passed my test I feel very excited about the prospect of getting a car and driving on my own.

Keeley JonesKeeley Jones
Siobhan is polite, friendly and calm. She was always on time for my lessons and organised with a plan of what to do and where to go. I loved learning with Siobhan she is so easy to get along with and will do anything to help you achieve your goal! The lessons were really well planned out and along with the LDC Driving Skills Workbook I couldn't have asked for more!

At the end of each lesson Siobhan and I would go through the book and tick off anything that had been done in the lesson, this was a great way to assess how many lessons I would need before booking my test. It was great to be able to go out driving for a few hours and look back in the book at what I had learnt to review it or prepare for the next lesson. The book is especially helpful in the days coming up to the test as if you are unsure of anything then you can look back at it and it also includes a breakdown of the test and any questions they may ask you.

I started to learn the basics with my Dad before starting lessons, however I had my confidence knocked and completely went off the idea of driving. After around 8 months I arranged to meet with Siobhan and discuss starting lessons. She is such a lovely lady she put me at ease straight away and I started my lessons a couple of weeks after passing my theory test. I was learning with Siobhan for around 3 months before passing my test first time with only 2 minors.

I was extremely nervous about getting back into a car and learning to drive but as soon as I started with Siobhan my confidence developed so much. All I can say is thank you so much and I would recommend Siobhan to anyone!!

Emma FarnellEmma Farnell
I think Siobhan is the best instructor I could of ever asked for, from the first initial point of contact to discuss my options right up to the day of my driving test. She is a very friendly, but maintains a professional balance all the time. I had had numerous lessons about a year ago with a previous instructor, but unfortunately failed my first test.

Every lessons Siobhan was on time, organised and professional whilst making me feel as comfortable as possible in the car at all times. She also does everything that she can to help you pass, so you really are in the best hands.

I would recommend Siobhan to anyone who was learning to drive or had previously been unsuccessful, like myself.

Joe RabbettsJoe Rabbetts
I took weekly lessons with Siobhan and each lesson no matter what, I would feel relaxed at the wheel and Siobhan would guide me to be the best driver I can and pick me up on anything I could improve on to put me on the best level of ability.

Siobhan is very friendly and she would put a smile on my face every lesson. She would never be late to any lessons and the car would always be in the best of conditions.

I passed second time around on the 3rd of September 2013 and I felt privileged to have been taught by Siobhan and I would strongly recommend her to anybody wanting to learn how to drive.


Zoe MadenZoe Maden
Learning to drive was tough at first, but having Siobhan talk me through each mistake and having me go over it until I understood where I went wrong and how we could improve it, really helped! I will never forget learning to drive with Siobhan. She is an incredible instructor and person and manages to turn hard and sticky road situations into a light and pleasant experience from which you learn. Amazing and awesome! Thank you!

Stephen Weston
I decided to go for an intensive week of driving lessons, immediately followed by the test on a Friday afternoon. Siobhan and I had a couple of lessons before the course and I knew fairly quickly that spending a week driving around Portsmouth with Siobhan would be an informative pleasure.

Siobhan knew how to concentrate the lessons on my weaker areas, practiced until they were second nature, before moving on the next one. I passed.

Great value, a brilliant teacher and the right result. I bought a car the very next day!

PS, I drive every where now!

James EllisJames Ellis
I was very impressed with my instructor. She gave me the confidence to carry on and kept me cool and calm (most of the time!) when I was about to 'loose it'! In the end I really enjoyed our lessons and would recommend her to any new driver!

Olly Tuck Olly Tuck
Siobhan gives calm and simple instructions which made me feel confident at driving. She creates a friendly environment and always put me at ease. She was even brave enough to let me control a skid in the snow!

Tom BattenTom Batten
When I first started driving with Siobhan I was really nervous but thankfully she was really re-assuring and took me through all the basics at a pace that worked for me. Siobhan not only taught me to drive but really taught me to believe in myself, she really boosted my self confidence as our lessons went on and I am so grateful to her for that!

I am really glad I passed my test! I finally feel confident enough to drive the vans at work! Thanks so much Siobhan you're an absolute star!

Tom WalkerTom Walker
Siobhan was extremely calm and patient. We went through the syllabus at my own pace so that I felt confident and safe out on the road on my own. She would explain why, what and how to do everything before we did them and she always made sure I was working on the right aspect of driving to improve, which was very helpful. Siobhan always had time for me despite having lots of customers. I would recommend LDC to everyone as it has made me a safe driver. It's given me my independence and confidence to drive on my own and get to places safely.

Lauren SherwoodLauren Sherwood
I enjoyed every lesson I had and always looked forward to them. I never once felt uncomfortable or nervous. I thoroughly recommend the Driving School and I especially recommend Siobhan. Her friendly calm approach has allowed me to enjoy the whole learning process.

I will miss my weekly lessons with her now that I have PASSED!!! Thank you for everything and helping me every step of the way.

Chloe SalmonChloe Salmon
I had weekly lessons with Siobhan and from the first time I got in the car I was put at ease. She always arrived on time and had very friendly and calm manner for all the lessons, the car was always clean and she was very well organised with the lessons and often used the study materials to explain what she meant. Siobhan gave me confidence in my driving and would reassure me if I was having a problem with any aspect of the lesson. I was always told what I would be doing for the next lesson so was able to read about it in the handbook which I found extremely useful.

Siobhan was my first driving instructor and I passed first time with her, running up to the test she kept reassuring me and would frequently ask if I had any concerns and would run through anything I was unsure about. Overall, Siobhan is a very friendly person and great driving instructor; I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Katie BrombackKatie Bromback
I originally took the semi-intensive pass course and then block booked in extra lessons for some more experience as I wasn't ready to take my test at the end of the course.

Siobhan is very friendly and always put me at ease the moment I got into the car. She is always on time and her car is always clean and tidy. I really liked my lessons with her as she is calm and made the lessons enjoyable and relaxed. Both the book and DVD were incredibly helpful and I recommend to everyone to study them both as it makes putting all the skills into practice much easier and it helped me to identify the areas I needed to practice more.

I had previously taken three hours worth of lessons with a different local driving school and just not flet like I'd learnt much, then found LDC and Siobhan and I found learning was not as scary as I had previously imagined and I passed first time!

Jemma Mason
Siobhan was always very professional, but also had a laid back approach and was friendly. I really enjoyed my lesosns, although some were stressful, Siobhan wold always put me at ease. I used the LDC workbook and DVD to help me. They were both really helpful. I passed on my third attempt. Overall, Siobhan is a lovely person and instructor. I found her method of teaching perfect for me and I appreciate how much she helped me in learning to drive.

Sam TothamSam Totham
My instructors name was Siobhan Towell, I had weekly or sometimes several lessons per week.

She was very friendly and struck me as particularly well organised, she was always on time for the lessons and accommodated my changes to lesson times or locations without any problems.

I consistently enjoyed my lessons and Siobhan adjusted to my previous driving experience and while I did not really use the target book she was able to create personal targets and aims for me that were very useful. She was very helpful and supportive leading up to my tests. I had 2 tests while learning with LDC and passed on the 22nd of May. As I had previously given up driving around a year ago I was not particularly enthusiastic about starting again, but Siobhan helped me immensely and encouraged me to finally pass.

Rachel WoodsRachel Woods
I found the targets in the workbook useful, but if I didn't understand I asked Siobhan.

I previously took a test 18 years ago and failed. I didn't enjoy driving then, as I was talked into having lessons by my parents. This time round was different as I wanted to drive and I enjoyed it. I was very nervous about driving as I had a motor bike accident last winter and passing my driving test would make my work so much easier. When I first started my lessons with Siobhan, she always put me at ease. She was always very polite, friendly and patient and I very much looked forward to my lessons. Each lesson was well planned and I never rushed in any way. I would definitely recommend Siobhan to anyone wanting to learn to drive and I will miss seeing Siobhan every week and I owe Siobhan the world now as I have this for life. I didn't just do this for my job, I did it for myself and am on cloud 9! Thank you Siobhan

Mike HaycockMike Haycock
I was over the moon when the driving examiner said, "Well Michael I am pleased to tell you, you have passed".

After starting on Saturday with next to no driving experience, coming home on the Friday with a certificate that said I could legally drive.

The One Week Pass course is pretty hard work but if you are willing to really concentrate and just go for it for a week its well worth doing (I would recommend turning off your mobile or telling your mates that you have gone on holiday for a week or you have the plague or something :P, just so you don't get tempted to go out during the course.)

I can honestly say I would not have been able to do it without the help of Siobhan.

Siobhan made me feel at ease with every aspect of the driving course, which is something to say when you have to squeeze it all into a week. She is a really friendly, professional instructor, who was always on time.

I would recommend Siobhan to anyone learning to drive.

Big, Big thanks to you!!

Liz ToddLiz Todd
After having a few bad experiences with previous driving instructors, I was nervous to get back on the road with another new instructor. I found Siobhan by googling female driving instructors in my area and sent her an email requesting more details; she was very quick at getting back to me and arranged a home visit so we could meet each other before we got started. I was instantly put at ease and even more so after meeting her. She was polite and friendly and made me feel excited about learning to drive again. Throughout all my lessons, Siobhan was patient and encouraging and I always felt comfortable when driving. Each lesson was well organised and planned around what I felt I needed to work on. The LDC learning materials (book) came in very handy, especially when it came to test time! Siobhan was always happy to go through the book and help as much as she possibly could....most of the time making things a lot simpler than the book shows! Would recommend Siobhan to anyone learning to drive.....Although I'm pleased I have passed my test I'm going to miss my driving lessons! Big thanks to Siobhan for getting me there!!

Catherine McNeill (Nee Whitehouse)
At 25, I had already gone through the usual round of lessons when I was in my teens with a different local driving instructor and had failed the test a couple of times in Chichester. After this I left driving for a while, whilst I travelled and concentrated on my studies, at 21 I decided to try and have another crack at it, booking an intensive one week course up in Dundee near where I was living at the time. The instructor was very aggressive and we did not get on well at all, needless to say the outcome wasn't good! and I found the whole experience so negative that it took until February of this year to make the decision to look at it again. So I was a little nervous to get back in the driving seat, but booked a test booster course through the LDC website.

From the time when Siobhan first came round for the initial consultation I was put at ease. As it had been so long since I had done any driving, we went back to basics to build my confidence and skill base. The course materials really helped explain the different elements of driving in a logical and concise way, a component that had been lacking in my previous driving tutelage. It was, however the instruction I received from Siobhan that made all the difference, I was very quickly comfortable with her in the car and Siobhan's approach allowed me to grow in confidence as I improved in ability.

Siobhan was always extremely friendly, professional, organised and most of all patient with me, never once shouting at me, no matter what happened, quite some feat! It was this approach that provided a positive environment in which I could develop my driving skills. After the course hours were fulfilled, we arranged some further lessons, on my request, so I felt ready to go into test. Unfortunately it didn't initially work out, but on the third attempt I finally passed! Throughout what became quite a testing time, at points in which I thought it would never happen, Siobhan always remained positive and supportive. In short, I couldn't have asked for anything more in a driving instructor and I would have no reservations recommending Siobhan to anyone, I cannot thank you enough! Best Wishes. Catherine

Siobhan has been an exceptionally encouraging and patient instructor, and it has been a pleasure learning to drive with her. I had had some previously bad experiences with grumpy and impatient instructors, and so was a little nervous of driving, but the atmosphere of Siobhan's lessons were calm, organised, and enjoyable. I always felt that she was completely focused on developing my driving skills and explaining things to me in a way that helped me individually. Lessons never felt rushed or stressed, and I always felt that I came away from a lesson having built solid skills. Siobhan's detailed notes and lesson plans meant that we were able to maximise our time and I always had a good understanding of how I was progressing. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to become a confident and happy driver!

Hannah TuckHannah Tuck
Siobhan is a great teacher - she is friendly, encouraging and really clear in her explanations. I had regular lessons and she was always prompt. Originally, I was worried about learning to drive, but Siobhan really helped to build my confidence and taught me to become a safe driver.

The LDC method of driving instruction is a well-structured programme. Personally, I found the use of the workbook and DVD helpful to reinforce what I learnt each lesson. Each session has a clear objective which encouraged me to focus on the skill I was learning.

I learnt from scratch with Siobhan and have passed on my first attempt. She is patient and I thoroughly recommend lessons with Siobhan.

Samantha RoweSamantha Rowe
With previous instructors I didn't enjoy lessons and tried to avoid them, but with Siobhan I looked forward to my lessons. She was very patient, friendly and enthusiastic, which helped very much! I would definitely recommend her to anybody looking to take driving lessons.

Tony JohnsonTony Johnson
LDC was the third school I have tried and the course was by far the better structured, most professional and enjoyable way to learn to drive.

Learning to drive changed from being something daunting and frustrating, into a great way to constantly be improving my skills, where I would take more and more responsibility for the care of myself, the vehicle and other road users.

My learning continues as I go it alone, but through the LDC course and Siobhan's tuition, in the last few weeks what I have understood more is that I have been taught to be a safe driver.

Gemma ClapsonGemma Clapson
Weekly Lessons
I enjoyed my lessons very much. I looked forward to having my driving lessons every week. Siobhan incorporated the study materials in every lesson. I found the workbook very useful, every lesson we would go through the book. Looking at the book and then proceeding with the lesson, was very helpful to me as I knew what I had to in order to achieve the target in the book.

LDC was not the first driving school I went, infact LDC was my third as I had bad experiences with my other instructors. When I met Siobhan, she was professional and friendly and made me feel comfortable and confident when I was doing my lessons. I was really glad I stuck with siobhan, she was the best instructor I've ever had.

I did pass first time.

After I had my first couple of bad experiences I thought driving was not for me, until I phoned LDC up and met with Siobhan. With every lesson I had I felt like I was learning something and my confidence was growing with every lesson. If it wasn't for Siobhan I don't think I would have passed first time, also having a mock test that was offered to me was also a good idea as it picked up on anything I needed to improve on for my test.

Daina SalmonDaina Salmon
My instructor was Siobhan Towell, and not only was she the best driving instructor, but a lovely bubbly person.. she was great at always easing any nerves and relaxing you into your driving. Her way of teaching is very easy to pick up, relaxed yet effective, but always reassuring at the same time.

I had just weekly lessons of an hour on a Saturday with her, and took my first test with her and passed that time. I had taken lessons before, and failed 3 tests already but had to give up to have my baby, and when i decided to start lessons again i knew i wasn't happy with my old instructor, so i then contacted Siobhan, and never looked back! I had a break of over a year from driving, and Siobhan made it so easy and comfortable to get back into, and for me to pass on my first test with Siobhan really shows how hard she will work with you.

I would recommend her to anybody, new to driving or with previous experience. I am so thrilled to have passed with Siobhan but am really going to miss the Saturday lessons i had with her, she made them truly enjoyable.

I found her to be very friendly, but professional, very patient and always prompt and on time.

From the first lesson i was given the LDC book, and dvd, which are a great tool in getting on with your lessons, they give you information and support with things you arent too sure about, and gives you some driving related learning in between your actual lessons.. The book and questions in it were especially helpful and really get you thinking about the things you do in the car without actually realising, therefore making you alot more aware.

Overall, learning to drive with Siobhan was a real pleasure, and she worked just as hard as i did to get me through - and the end result proves that for both of us.

Thank you sooo much for everything, will stay in contact! take care x Daina xxx